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Predicting Google Pagerank changes

The next Google Pagerank update is slightly overdue compared with previous updates and now we are ‘guessing’ / predicting it will be on the 31st August. Page rank is an indication of the weight of the links coming to your webpage and is used as a general metric by advertisers and domain purchasers to assess the importance and value of your site. Some people dismiss the toolbar pagerank as not important and we believe there is some vanity involved with having a higher page rank and the real importance is where the site lies for its most important ‘keyword searches’  in Google (SERPS). Therefore we are saying that if you are an Electrician in Essex its more important to rank highly for search terms like ‘essex electrician’ than to have a higher page rank than your other essex electrician competitors.

We don’t focus on page rank but aren’t naive about the power of a page with high Google Pagerank, we quote it in our SEO reports and website overviews and monitor it when updates occur. When we create websites and promote them via SEO and SEM we get to have a good feel for their ‘Google Link Power’ and for a bit of fun we are going to predict the following domains that we have worked on being changed in the next update: prediction up from 4 to 5 prediction up from 1 to 2 prediction up from 1 to 2 prediction up from 1 to 2 up from 1 to 2 up from 1 to 2