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Improving your website’s Google ranking

This week I have taken two phone calls from clients that just wanted to tell me that they have noticed a big upturn in business inquiries through their websites, once company told me of 5 online orders in one day and one builder told me of 3 email inquires in one day. This has promoted me to write about our website promotion / improvement services otherwise known as SEO (Search Engine Optimiseation)

When we build a website, as standard practice we build it  in a search engine friendly way with some great search engine optimisation techniques, however there is so much more you can do with your website to boost your rankings. Google takes in over 200 factors when indexing websites and all these factors count towards your Google ranking. In general the more relevant content that the website has along with the more relevant links that it has tracing back to itself the higher you will be ranked. We have some excellent SEO packages to boost your website so you can get the maximum return from your website.

The most efficient way to increase the amount of business that you receive from your website is by making it grow naturally or ‘organically’. This natural growth can be achieved by spending time on your website by building it up and increasing the visibility of the website, which can be achieved in a variety of different ways. A few major things that should be done are: keyword research, content building semantic markup, optimisting the page titles, descriptions and headings, submitting your website to online directories, link building, creating sitemaps and submitting informative articles with links back to your website.

Basically the more search engine friendly your website is and the more you promote your website, the higher it will feature in the Search Engines. Google, Bing and Yahoo will see your website as being credible and will start to move you up the search engines and will therefore drive more traffic to your website. This natural method of improving your website is the most efficient and will give you better results over the long term, there are no hidden or quick fixes so it can be a lengthy process which doesn’t happen over night and it is a constant ongoing process to keep ahead of your competitors.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Packages are created to get your website achieving improved results in terms of increased visitor numbers and search engine rankings which will get your website the most exposure across all the main search engines (Yahoo, Google and Bing). All our SEO packages are mainly geared towards Google which is the most visited search engine in the world, and in the UK 70-80% of people use Google. You have a choice with our SEO packages which are designed to cater for the brand new website to established ecommerce websites in competitive areas. All our packages are created ultimately for website owners that want and need their site featured highly in the search engines for a variety of competitive search phrases. All of our SEO packages cover two essential factors of onsite and offsite SEO work. Success with search results relies on ensuring both onsite and offsite work is done in ‘harmony and all work needs to be completed to webmaster guidelines. Some of the offsite work relies on us leaving a variety of links / pointers and relevant / related information about your website throughout the internet. Whether it be from information articles through to directory listings We show you exactly what we do as part of our SEO packages so you can make an informed choice.

After initial SEO, monthly packages that include analytic reports are available for ongoing results.