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Mobile ecommerce websites

In the UK alone there are more than 11 million Smartphone users and this number continues to grow daily. This has led to a complete change in how users access the internet services and buy online.

Do you have a mobile version of your web site and is your business in a position to benefit from this rapidly expanding and evolving sector? If the answer is “No”, you need to get in touch with an expert right away.

Why do I need a mobile website for my e-commerce store?
In these rapidly changing times, all your potential customers have started surfing the net while they are walking, travelling on a bus, train or tube or whenever they have time to spare.

The internet has essentially started to move from desktop PCs, Laptops to mobile phones and tablets. Already more than 15% of all web searches come from mobile devices. If you cannot offer a mobile friendly site then you could potentially be losing business as a result of the very poor user experience from trying to access a standard website on a Smartphone.

Most mobile user’s experience of websites even on the best devices leaves a lot to be desired and companies need to be aware of this and need to optimise their sites for the small screen and limited bandwidth.

Among the major mobile usability issues that can be identified are:
Slow load times – The majority of pages take much too long to load, especially on non 3G phones, but even on iPhones and Blackberries the browsing is a lot slower than an average PC because of bandwidth restrictions on a GSM network. This can lead to the user being reluctant to request additional pages.

Too much scrolling – Small mobile screens can increase the amount of scrolling and this means that users can miss things on the websites. Moreover, they are likely to skip scrolling down the site and miss important parts of what you have to say.
Bloated pages – This can lead to big pictures, long pages etc and all these cause issues for the mobile internet user.

JavaScript crashes – A lot of rich media features and videos cannot and do not work on mobile devices.

We have a team of highly qualified web professionals, who can design you a Mobile Website. We can deliver a mobile solution for your customers by designing for you a mobile enabled website for your e-commerce solutions that specifically keeps the Tablet and Smartphone user in mind.

The site will provide the essentials of your business to the mobile website visitor, offering a better user experience and making it easier for users to navigate and buy through your site. This will ensure good sales and customer loyalty. Your new m-Commerce site will allow your customers to buy online and allow you to keep your site fresh and up to date with products and information.