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Website Estimates: Website structure

The final structure is still to be defined. The planning stage will determine the actual pages that are required and how the user will navigate between them. At this time we know the following:


The Homepage is obviously an important page. It must reassure the user that you are professional and credible.  At the same time it needs to ‘set out your stall’ and communicate at a glance the range of your service offering.  This is achieved through a careful balance of graphics, text and navigation – all of which should convey information or support your brand values.

About Us / Company Profile / History

This section contains all relevant information about the quality of your service, history, accreditations, awards, standards, etc.

One Page per Service

One Page per Clinic


Contact us

This page shows all relevant contact details including:

  • Postal address, email address
  • Contact numbers
  • A simple contact us form
  • Google maps


For uploading photographs of completed work (before and after).


Blog / news headlines to appear on the Homepage. Click each headline to read full article. Click Blog tab in main navigation to see all news items (posts) listed by date and title in the archive. This News facility is updated through the CMS.

Supporting pages

These pages offer information that a site visitor might find useful, such as:

  • Site map
  • Copyright statement
  • Privacy policy
  • Accessibility