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Website Estimates: Project Requirements

A solid understanding of your website requirements is the foundation upon which successful websites are built.  It is crucial that the business objectives are defined and that the website user’s needs are understood properly. This section outlines our understanding of your requirements and those of the proposed users of the website.

The requirements define the scope of the project, so if you feel any requirements have been misinterpreted or missed, please let us know so that this estimate can be amended.

Website aims and objectives

The overall purpose of the website is to generate business enquiries for your Amazing Makeup beauty company. The specific aims of the website are:

  • To promote your company and brand
  • To generate a steady stream of sales enquires
  • Showcase and explain your services
  • To provide a means for prospects to request further information
  • To build a list of contact details for use in future email marketing campaigns


Website users

External users

The primary users of the website will be women searching for your services. The action you specifically wish them to take is to contact you to make an appointment at one of your clinic venues.

Internal users

Further to the external users you will require the ability to update content and prices within the website. A secure management interface will be used to update the product database.

Creative brief

Users of the website should feel that your organisation is professional, confidential and safe. To support this, the main message the website should convey is Professional and long established business with over 9 years Experience. Except for the design of your  logo your organisation has no other guidelines which this project is expected to follow.

Content requirements

The content for the project will be written and provided to Delicious Webdesign by our in house copywriter as agreed.


Maintenance requirements

You require the ability to update copy and images on all areas of the website yourselves.

Marketing requirements

To be discussed.


Hosting requirements

You require Delicious Webdesign to host the website and manage our email services.