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Website Estimates An Introduction

Here is your introduction to Essex’s Leading Website Design and SEO Company Delicious Webdesign, we think that even a few years is a long time when talking about the Internet, so website design companies that don’t evolve are doomed to extinction.  Delicious Webdesign has not only survived, but developed and thrived by aligning itself precisely with the evolving needs of its customers.  Although website design is still an unregulated industry, Delicious Webdesign strives to meet the highest UK standards and creates websites against recognised “Best Practice Guidelines” in usability, programming code, accessibility and security.  Delicious Webdesign websites always have the edge over their competitors.

We understand that a website is a business tool and has business objectives. We also understand; project management, search engine optimisation, internet marketing, social media, hosting and ongoing customer support…….

Consisting of a team of 10, Delicious Webdesign has been acknowledged as one of the Essex’s strongest and most consistent website design and development companies, the company has a large and varied skillset make up of highly skilled website developers, programmers, SEOs, graphic designers and marketing people.

In its pursuit of excellence, Delicious Webdesign ensures that each member of the team becomes the company’s specialist in a particular field, whether it be search engine optimisation (SEO), Internet and Social Media Marketing, site usability and accessibility, design standards compliance and more.


Executive summary

This document provides a brief overview of your website requirements and our suggested design and development solutions, together with an estimated cost to carry out that work.

Firstly I would like to confirm that Delicious Webdesign can certainly undertake your project. We have the in-house skills and experience to plan the detail, manage the project, design the website, code or program and host the entire website. Once the project is live we can provide ongoing support, maintenance and internet and social media marketing services depending on your requirements.

Summary of project requirements

The overall objective of the project is to create a new professional website which meets the current requirements of your business. To meet your budget this website will be based on our Basic Template page structure / Business Brochure Website.

WordPress has been selected as the most appropriate solution for this project. This will keep the cost of the project to a minimum as we will design and build the website ready for you to populate the page information.