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Website Estimates: Costings and timescales

Where it has been necessary to make assumptions in developing your estimate, we have included these within the text and in the ‘Working assumptions’ section towards the back of the estimate (Also refer to Website Fee Structure at end of this document).

One-off design and development costs

For Delicious Webdesign to deliver an internet-based solution to the requirements stated above will be possible and we will be able to achieve this to the cost discussed at the bottom of this document. This amount includes conceptual design work, development of the navigation scheme, page designs, application development and project management.

Ongoing support, maintenance and SEO costs

I have included details of our support and maintenance service charged on a monthly basis.

Domain names URLs

The project will be hosted under the following domain name (URL) this has been  sent previously to you.

Website hosting

Delicious Webdesign can host your website to the requirements stated above at £45 per year the first years hosting cost is included in the package price.


We estimate the project to take 7 man-days over a total design and build period of 3 weeks.