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Finish the website

Just reviewing a website that we just took on for a redesign as it has been ‘incomplete’ for the last year and looking at the work involved to make it complete it would have only taken 1 hour to complete it so I told them it woul be advisable to have some text on the about us page, and on the front page  and asked them can you supply us with that? they said of course and within 2 hours the website was complete, now why was it left looking half finished for a year? The moral of the story is go the extra yard to finish what you start.

After more initial checks we found that the search engines have indexed the website and it was improving their visitor numbers month on month but because there is a lack of text on the site this has meant that overall the site  has not achieved a huge number of visitors, other ecommerce sites that started about the same time as this site that we designed now have twice the amount of visitors as they have supplied all the text and actively promoted their own sites on facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

The website we are taking overs is not currently ranked for their main target search terms, but told them not to worry as once we get working on the site improving it this will come in time and adding the new text to their pages will only speed this up.