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Received this message a year ago, it’s quite common that website owners get themselves involved with unprofessional / not fully qualified or incompetent website designers / SEO companies and then are unable to get themselves out of the situation with them. We have lots of experience of dealing with less-than competent website design companies and welcome the challenge of helping business owners get their website back and then helping them fix / build and promote their website. The resulting upturn in website visitors show here gives an indication of what we can normally achieve for your website.

Message received from anxious website owners:

I wanted to ask you if you could help us with a situation. We started an SEO program for our website with a web design company. Now we are having issues with them and I think they are breaching the contract by not giving us access to our CPanel and hosting as they first promised. If this is something that you can help us with, I would like to introduce you to my business partner, who deals with the website. Please get in touch with her to discuss if you think you can help us and rescue us from this terrible website designer who we now regret using as they have ruined both our website and SEO.