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Obtain the legal permission to use images

Unless you want to receive a message similar to the one below, received by a new client that was badly advised, we strongly suggest you have total legal freedom to display images on your website.

Cease and Desist. Infringement of Copyrights, Intellectual Property and Design Rights

It has come to our attention that you are offering for sale/hire on your website and socials:

Items that infringe upon the Design Rights, Copyrights and Intellectual Property rights of ourselves.

I have listed below details of the infringing content. The items shown were designed by ourselves and design rights are held in their regard. Their design remains solely the property of ourselves. You are showing images of them in order to promote items that are a copy of the designed items. In doing so you are infringing our rights.

You are also utilizing images belonging to ourselves and this is an infringement of our copyrighted intellectual property.

Your infringement of our design rights, copyrights and intellectual property entitles us to certain legal remedies which include removing the items from sale, confiscation of your stock of the infringing

articles, repayment of revenue generated from the sale of the infringing items and entitlement to a substantial claim for loss, damage and costs.

Unless you immediately cease and desist advertising and offering our designed models for sale, desist in using our images and reply to this email with a confirmation that you will desist and have removed all infringing content, then we will have no option to pursue an immediate legal claim against you. The legal claim will be substantial and you will be liable for all costs.

I look forward to your immediate confirmation that all offending content (as set out in the attached excel file) has been removed.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or our lawyers at the following address should you have any questions in this regard.