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Why redesign and update my site?

Have written and talked a lot about why you should have a responsive (mobile / touch friendly) website that you can update yourself (Content Management System – CMS) using a platform like WordPress. Have also written multiple times why we should do it for you and why we are your best option to give you the biggest / quickest return on your investment (ROI) on the outlay for your redesigned website. There is a time when results speak louder than words as anyone can claim to be a ‘professional website designer’ but in reality they may simply be someone who can throw a bit of code up on the web to produce a functional framework that passes for a website. There are not many companies that can talk the talk and walk the walk. We are a company that not only can explain to you in easy terms what you need to do with your website but can demonstrate ‘real’ and current successes with website stats / ranking and testimonials. Here is just one set of stats taken from a website that was redesigned in the last 6 months compared with its stats 6 months ago from another website design company.

website-visitors-increasingIf you want to have a chance to see your website visitors rise 100% then give us a call on Office: 01375 460 094 or Mobile: 07743 853 976 or drop us an email.