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Working with Google

We are happy to announce that Delicious Webdesign are now an accredited member of Google Engage program.

We have been working hard with the team at Google recently – so companies like YOU can now use our expertise to gain a competitive edge.

Share in our success by having your own…

Fixed point of contact for all Google related issues
Advice with Online Marketing strategy including, market specific research, notification of new Google products, features and updates
Invitations to Google Engage Events (network, review the latest industry trends, meet us for lunch!)
Access to dedicated Google Campaign Builders, Optimisers and Ad Writers who will setup, optimise and manage all new accounts
Advice and assistance with on-site conversion rates and goal tracking
Assistance with design updates and mutli-variant testing
Promotional vouchers for AdWords advertising credit

To this affect we are offering a free online consultation with one of our marketing experts.

This is carried out on-screen from the comfort of your own office using hi-tech screen sharing software.