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Payment for Website Designers Services

After paying an invoice the other day, on the day we received it, the company send us this nice message ‘Great, thanks James. Wish all my other clients paid so promptly!’ I told them I also wish that people paid promptly as it causes so many problems / hassles when cashflow becomes a problem. We then decided to draft the following warning ready for any client that breaks the terms of their website design / hosting / SEO contract with us. So to avoid receiving the email below, please pay on time, we are very flexible but there are limit to our generosity.


According to our records the attached invoice/statement remains unpaid. We are not aware of any outstanding queries relating to this amount and therefore request that you make immediate arrangements to pay the full amount outstanding within 48 hours of this communication.

Should we not receive your payment in cleared funds by this deadline, we will have no option but to exercise our right to suspend all services to you as per our standard terms and conditions. You will also be liable for interest on all late payments and the matter will be passed to a 3rd party collection agency. Please also be aware that this will result in you incurring further additional fees.

If we provide you with an on-going service please note that during suspension you will continue to be liable for all service charges, and before normal service can recommence a reconnection fee will be charged. Please also note that suspension of services will take place without any further reference to you if payment is not received within the given deadline

Please ensure our accounts department is made aware immediately a payment has been made to avoid any unnecessary interruption to your services:

If the above is ignore, the following sample information will be sent once the website is taken down (this is always the last resort)

Account Overview:

Website – service suspended – as domain hosting and website design work have been left unpaid the website is now not your responsibility and we will use it as part of our portfolio.

Email – service suspended – accounts have not been closed and as such all emails are still kept and on receipt of outstanding payment the email accounts will be re-released to you to view all recent communication.

Sorry to say the website is now down / email accounts will be set as suspended shortly also Once payment received we will immediately re-instate all services and I hope that is a fair / reasonable way to go forward. If you look at how many times payment has been promised and then delayed / not come you will see that we have been patient up to now. On receipt of outstanding payments all services will be re-instated immediately.

If no payment is received within the time period stated on the invoice then legal action will commence to reclaim all monies owed.