This year my company is making a number of changes. This changes have come about because in the last year we were given some business opportunities that I haven’t been able to implement until now. And, this news update is one of them.
From now on you will receive regular news and updates on what is happening at my company. Opportunities and services never before offered will now be offered to you. Along with your website and hosting needs I will be introducing you to a numbers of products we bought and trained with last 12 months.
Some of our clients have already utilised them and found them to be very advantageous to their online businesses. But oth ers haven’t had the opportunity yet, but will have soon.
A couple of the products we will be releasing soon are:
Newsletter function for ecommerce websites
Business Consultancy
New Ecommerce Platforms
Premium SEO Packages
Full responsive Website Design
Content Creation
Facebook page promotional Covers
Scheduled Facebook Posting
Wordpress Conversions
Wordpress Anti-Hacker Security Blocker
A new service we started rolling out last year is IT / Business Consulting. A lot of you have asked about their business computers / networks and setups so this is your chance to get help and advice on that. Nearly all of our clients have spoken to us about your website’s performance in the search engines and how best to promote and maintain them online. Well this year I will be offering that service to everyone. Soon all of my clients will be able to be guided by me on all things about their sites and how both of us can get what we want for your websites. From now on if you require one on one in home or office consultations, I will make myself available to you. Of course there will be a small fee, but my main reason for offering my consulting is my desire to help you get what you want from your site, by taking some of the “how do I?” out of the equation.
There will be many more offers and product releases. For all my hosting clients, later this year I will be rolling out an interface, were you will be able to login and view your stats and figures on your site. You will also be able to find all sorts of helpful content in your interface.
Live Help is also on it’s way. Very soon I will be adding a Live Help chat box on my main site. When ever you need help with your site, you can catchup with me online, live one on one chat. I will let you know when it’s available, but it is only days away.
Lastly, I would like to say a heart-felt thank you for being a client of mine. Some have been with me from the beginning and some have only just become a part of our Delicious clan. I appreciate every call for help and every time someone tells me I have done good. It means a lot to me.
Please let me know if there is anything at all I can help you with. Help with your website, help with Facebook, help with your WordPress site or even some advice on something you have found or been approached with. I am here for you in 2014.
Cheers for now. I will be updating this news page again shortly with more details about all the services and offers I will be making available to all my clients in 2014.

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