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Nice to receive messages like these:

I really appreciated your time when you helped me wrap my head around choosing a business name for my new company.  I have since chosen a name (its a miracle). Currently I am using Vista print cards printed with my name and details which has so far been sufficient in handing out to friends and family. However I now feel I really need to produce an Identity to represent to my potential clients and to progress my business. Would it be possible for you to provide me with a quote for designing a logo, printing business cards, small stickers for my boxes and possibly collection forms. This is all a bit new to me!  I have perused your website and your work is fantastic on your websites and your graphic design (logos / business cards / flyers).

Thank you for sending me the flyer and logo designs. They look really great. I really like the first one as it almost looks like its in a picture frame. I had a little think after being inspired by your designs and was wondering if it would be possible to soften it a little.

I really love the colours you have used they are perfect with the background as the green and the frame as the blue, I am thinking the black might be a bit heavy for me. I am useless with the Internet and computers so I don’t know how you begin to translate from paper to graphics but did a sketch using a font and a frame I found on the internet.

Would it be possible to work along the lines of the first design you did but perhaps with a more rounded pattern around the edge, like the sketch I will attach and a similar font in brown. I can appreciate that this may be more work from a design aspect and printing of the cards, and therefore increase the cost of the quote already provided.

We have just had our first kick off meeting with our new advertising agency and they are keen to work closely with you in terms of design as the logo design, website design and brochure design will need to complement will each other. They obviously have their own ideas in terms of website concept design but this will not be developed until after we have our first meeting.  Would you be open to seeing their designs concepts.  I have sent the agency the design concept that we wish to further develop so they are aware of our design concept. Your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.