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Logo Design for your Website

We are able to include a logo design with your new website, our graphic designers will create a few logos for you to choose from. Our Premium Platinum Website Package allows us to create you a bespoke logo that you an use on your stationary, emails, van, t-shirts and social media as well as your website. Here is a brief conversation showing the level of detail we go into to get the logo just right for you. Take a look at our logos here.

The logos in my attachment are from a jpeg file, but I also have a png, psd and gif file with a transparent background (jpeg doesn’t support transparency) so it could be printed on coloured paper without appearing in a white square. What is digitally friendly?

You may recall that we asked for comments on an idea for a new logo. The replies all preferred the full name rather than just the initials but were not averse to the image.

One of the advantages of that logo was that it is more digitally friendly, gave better definition as grey scale and didn’t pixelate at high magnification.

Our Graphic Designer has subsequently produced another version with the full wording and supplied the attached in the way of an explanation of the image quality difference. There is also an argument that a logo should not be a picture but something eye-catching, often a stylised version.

Our logo was redesigned a few years ago to include black rather than white outlined lettering and a digitally sharpened image to make it more digitally friendly. At the time this worked as we needed a logo that was usable at small size, but image quality was still not good at higher magnification.

I know this will be a sensitive area, but I think we should give serious thought to the previous logo proposal. We are about to finalise our brand identity and I know we are looking at options for goods to celebrate company anniversary next year which will need a logo, so we need to make a decision.

I like the proposed logo and can see the advantages as a digitally more suitable image that is still recognizable as the company logo. I’m therefore seeking your views on the proposed logo. A quick reply would be appreciated.

As you we are supporters of the original logo, and have the following comments.

The new logo is for all practical purposes the old logo redrawn, but with several notable changes as follows:

1. The old logo wasn’t ‘square’, it was meant to be taller than wide: the new one is ‘square’.

2. The old design is long the new one is rather squat, and the black bit is too large.

3.The main reason for the poor quality of the old logo in your attachment is because a small sized file has been used, and it obviously is not suited to the purpose it is being used. I have attached a larger file printed in three sizes and in both colour and grey scale. I think you would agree that these are much better than the old ones in your original attachment, and of equal quality to the proposed new logo.

4.Part of the charm of the old file was its hand drawn, and indeed it was hand drawn by a local Essex artist and sometimes member of Local Business Networking Clubs. It was produced as a line drawing and hand coloured.

5. We agree that the hand drawn text doesn’t really lend itself to small size reproduction, so I’ve quickly amended it using a more modern and web-friendly font and included samples on page two of the attachment.

6. In the new logo once viewed below a certain size looks confused.

7. In summary, we don’t see any advantage in making more changes than are necessary, so why not retain what we can of the original.