It always makes me smile when we hear how hard some companies try to push people to take them up on a product / service that is easy / simple and free (or could incur a minimum cost) but the ‘unknown’ factor stops people getting involved or starting the process. The example here is getting and promoting a facebook page. This is simple / free and easy if you simply have a facebook account but if you are afraid of getting involved you can ‘outsource’ this function to a specialist company. Some ‘specialist’ companies will try to make you part with a lot of money to do this for you, as the ‘blurb’ from one of them shows you below. You will be pleased to know that Delicious Webdesign are experts at creating facebook company pages and can advice you for free or actually do it for you as part of your SEO package.
This is  example information you may receive if you ask a ‘specialist’ company to do your Facebook page for you, warning some of the costs may shock you!
Thank you for taking my call earlier and for your valuable time. Here’s a quick reminder of what we talked about earlier regarding an allocation of customers we have, fitting your ideal customer profile. I shall give you a call soon and hope we can then get you on board. Please see above links for pricing offers etc.
We offer no rivals advertising on these customers facebook pages! no click cost! no commitment to long term contract. no hassle. As promised, here is an e mail outlining the services we offer, and attached are some examples of how, and where your Ad would appear.
We create an Ad (see attachments), and then specifically target who we show your Ad to. Your advert consists of a nice, professionally designed picture with text along side, describing your services and/or offers.
Your ideal clients will have already been selected for you using advanced keyword demographics in Facebook. We would then give you the allocation of 200,000 Ads for example, and then begin displaying your Ad to these selected people (your chosen audience, ie. females that are single in Essex). Whenever these potential customers visit their own Facebook profile, they would see your Ad. This not only creates great brand awareness for your business but it is only shown to people requiring your services so inevitably this leads to more enquiries and more business for you.
Every time somebody clicks on your advert, they are taken straight to your website! They can then see clearly, the services, prices and offers you have on at that time. An added bonus to us generating all this traffic to your website is the fact that it will automatically improve your organic/natural listing on Google, without paying them a penny!
I’m not sure if you are aware, but to appear on the first page of Google under the phrase e.g. ‘Essex Conservatories’ it would cost you £1.79p per click! We provide you with 200,000 adverts to people interested in your services, without any click costs what so ever!
Once again, we GUARANTEE your Ad and it’s placement, every time your target audience login to their personal Facebook page! They will see you, without competition, and a direct link to your website!
What we offer you…
GUARANTEED Daily Exposure
No Competitive Bidding Battles
Exclusive Link Ups To Your Website
No Hidden Extra Charges
Dedicated Account Manager
Analytic report independently generated by Facebook
Your campaign live within 48 hours
No Click Costs
Your analytic report that you will received regularly highlights just how many impressions (Ads), and how many clicks the campaign has achieved.
You can then make a more informed business decision as to whether to continue into month 2.
You have a dedicated account manager throughout the campaign who is there to tweak and amend the Ad, to make sure it is producing for you.
Many other companies work with [company name removed] such as..[list of blue chip clients removed] are using our advertising solutions and services, and by having a link direct and exclusive to their established web page from private and corporate clients, they are now getting many more enquiries and new business leads… daily!
To answer any questions about conversions, the simple answer is there are NO Methods to guarantee conversions or for that matter NO companies or forms of advertising that guarantee conversions. The conversion rate is down to you when you take the enquiry, and how you handle the enquiry!
We do guarantee that your services are seen by genuine clients who have been specifically targeted in Facebook who are interested in what you do and offer.
As I am sure you already know, if they see you 1st then you have the highest chance to take the business!…Simple!
We also create micro sites for businesses, a fantastic way of creating a community around your business, see attached and ask a consultant.
Facebook Business Pages
Facebook Business Page – Basic Set Up    £90
Facebook Business Page – Static Image / Banner / Forced Like    £99
Facebook Business Page – 3 Page Microsite    £249
Facebook Business Page – 5 Page Microsite    £349
Facebook Business Page – Ecommerce (25 Products)    £449
Facebook Business Page – Ecommerce (50 Products)    £549
Facebook Business Page – Ecommerce (100 Products)    £649
Additional Pages For Any Microsite Product    £99
Website Design
1 Page    £199
2 Pages    £239
3 Pages    £389
4 Pages    £439
5 Pages    £589
6 Pages – Discuss With Us
E-commerce – Discuss with us
Fully Bespoke Website – Discuss With us 
Mobile Website Design    £349
Seo (search Engine Optimisation)
Local Seo Campaign (up To 5 Key Words)    £649
National Seo Campaign (up To 5 Key Words)    £999
1000 Pr1 – Pr6 Links    Per 1000    £159
Social Media Additions
500 Facebook Page Likes    £159
1000 Facebook Page Likes    £189
Facebook Integrated Twitter Feed Set Up    £149
100 Linked In Connections    £189
100 Followers On Twitter    £159

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