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Should I sell stuff on my website?

A common question we get asked and generally we tell people that making money via an ecommerce website is hard and if you have a ‘traditional’ business brouchure website it may not be cost effective to have a ‘add on’ ecommerce system to sell products you may want to sell. Obviously if you have unique / bespoke products then it may be a great idea to sell products online by adding a ecommerce system to your website but generally the cost / admin / effort of setting up an ecommerce system and promoting and running it will put off all but the dedicated especially if ‘selling’ products isnt the main part of your business. The following exchange demonstrates this:

Q What are the implications if we were to add an e-commerce page for the existing website? Is it worth doing in your opinion and what costs are involved?

If you simply want to sell the sundries you sell to clients once they visit you then I would probably suggest the costs involved make this not worth it for you but you can have a ‘full ecommerce’ system where you can control all products / prices / stock etc as an add on to your current website for between £1250 – £1750  or you can have a ‘static ecommerce page’ if you have a limited number of products where we can manually add them to a page for you (there will need to be manual changes for new products / changes etc).

Example of full ecommerce system example page

The cost of the paypal ecommerce system depends on how many products you have and you will need to have a business paypal account and provide us with a spreadsheet of products (the spreadsheet would need to prodide all product ids, titles, descriptions, prices and photos of your products) If you have over 20-30 products then a full ecommerce system would be the only one I would suggest.