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Ecommerce website quotes

We love doing ecommerce websites and here is an example conversation to demonstrate what you may be thinking and our responses to your queries to get your ecommerce website online and earning you money.

[Giftware Company] We run a  giftware company. Trading for 1 years so we  are a new start up company based in Billericay in Essex. Can someone please contact me to discuss our requirements on a new website our product range is cufflinks and wedding accessories. We are looking at Up to 2000 products, so no restriction on pages. Will require full payment facilities. Please advise styles and costings. Examples would be good

[Delicious Webdesign] Thanks for the email and your questions. It sounds like you need a full ecommerce website, giving you full control over stock, orders, customers, prices, shipping and inventory. The ecommerce solutions we can offer you have virtually unlimited categories and products and gives you a variety of payment options, we use industry leading solutions ensuring you get a ‘search engine friendly’ ecommerce site that is easy to use and administrate.

Depending on other requirements your costings for this will be between £1500 – £2000.  Hope that sounds simple and easy to understand and look forward to answering any questions you may have

[Giftware Company] I’m looking at a max of £1750. I’m looking for eccomerce site for selling my giftware stuff (cufflinks, wedding stuff, etc) looking at eventually listing 2000 products, so obviously no restrictions on how many pages. would need full payment facilities using paypal  & bank cards etc..Would list all products and other information details, so that may help  reduce the workload and price. let me know what you think.

[Delicious Webdesign] As we have some spare development time coming up in a few weeks and want to allocate this time in advance, We have decided to give you a ecommerce site for £1750 but you would have to add the categories / products yourself and have to  accept less customisation and supply us with clear instructions on your specific website requirements (if you have any) including initial categories and you should agree to having paypal as your payment method and supply us with the relevant details (details of how to do this will be sent after project commences). Please complete the attached document (two formats supplied) and then pay the deposit for your ecommerce solution (deposit is normally 50% or minimum of £750 so in your case its the full payment).  Please ensure you give us your full registration address and website name you require and we can start planning your project within days. Any text (webcopy) you want to give us (about us page?) you need to supply that before the project commences.

[Giftware Company]  I’m currently looking at a few Essex website designers. I’m interested but unfortunately your price is above the budget i have set aside for a start up.  I have couple of other website quotes coming back. Would you have any sample / demos of previous sites you have done, paypal ecommerce business websites would be good?

[Delicious Webdesign] Ok hope you look at quality and SEO for the site long term instead of just cost as it may end up being a mistake, we have taken over lots of sites where the ‘cheap’ and quick builds have ended up not earning the client any money / sales for years. If it comes down purely to cost we may be able to drop if you can commit quickly to fill up our development time.

Here you go, some ecommerce websites:

These were all started within the last year, a couple are not finished just yet but hope this gives you some idea that we can produce an ecommerce gift shop for you, regadless of what you decide we would be really interested to see how you get on and if you need any advice please ask now or in the future. If we dont hear from you we wont ‘chase’ you for a decision but we simply want to keep in touch and plan our workload for the coming months and won’t be offended if you are not in a position to start the website design project just yet, but if you are, feel free to email or phone us to discuss further.