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If you want some hints and tips about how to build your business. I suggest, after you are operational and experienced, to approach some of your friends that are in business themselves with offers to help with with the product / service you are expert in, here are some examples of some of our offers and replies and results from the initial offers.

Offer 1
[Website Offer]
Nice to see your website and hope you are doing well, as you may or may not know I run a website design company and spotted a load of things that could be fixed / updated / changed with your website. It also looks like it has been over-optimised in some places and left in others. If you want to get us to take a look at the site sometime we would be more than happy to.

[Offer Reply] Many thanks for your email and offer. Unfortunately I am not in a position to pay anyone to update my website at the moment but will keep you in mind for when I can, Not sure if you are interested but I have started holding FREE Network Business Meetings in my area

[Result] Attended meeting, lots of people wanted help and advice about their websites and we not only took on the initial website for a redesign but helped 3 other new businesses build new websites and promote them

Offer 2
[Website Offer]
We have a website for sale that looks like its in exactly the business you are in, want to hear more about it?

[Offer Reply] Thanks for our meeting this morning,  Very much enjoyed your website overview,  I have forwarded attachment of current domains and have talked over things with my partner as to the way forward.  As to your proposal, and as I said this morning I am very intersted in sorting out the current websites and I will have the Essex cleaning website. As to paying the options you mentioned earlier  a deposit and the balance on completion seems to me is very reasonable.

After that we need to be found and that’s your expertise  we are going to rely on, willing to pay a regular monthly fee to optimise and google adwords or what ever works best. Now as I told you this morning I will be very straight with you and cash flow is particularly tight this month as we are down on cash and suffered in early jan with the bad snow having lost the benefit of our staff not working for a week, and a van that was smashed by one of our staff , I would expect to be in a positive cash position in two weeks. Obviously if you are happy to hold until then I would appreciate that.

[Result] The Domain was transferred and sold and additional work secured with the following message:
Was good to see where you are and what you want to do going forward, you have a big potential for increases but there is a lot of work to be done to organise / optimise your domains efficiently. Any SEO campaign I do with you would initially require a full audit of your current domains to ensure they are all recording visitor statistics and to ensure that duplicate content is removed / re-written. I look forward to taking on your SEO / website projects as I see a massive potential to double or treble your overall visitor numbers. In summary I think we agree on these initial steps:

1, transfer ownership of the Essex Cleaning Company website to yourself with associated work for graphics and site contact detail updates
2, Existing cleaning website – website revamp – new site
3, SEO project involving your domains – Three month long project to optimise your many domains.
4, Garden Cleaning website – two / three hours work on this site to give it a ‘SEO polish’ to optimise every page.

I noticed when checking some of your domains that you have duplicate content on the pages and then you have even copied or duplicated this content onto other pages on different websites, in short there is a lot of work to be done.  I can send payment details later if / when you decide you want to go forward with the domain transfer and any / all of the above options.