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Let us Promote your Website – More Offers

Got sent these from clients recently with a concern that their website could be better and that this ‘SEO’ company could improve it, unbelievably the SEO Company didn’t have anything on their own website and guess what this guy simply takes your money and then doesn’t reply to you, In short ignore all offers you get via email and you will do yourself a big favour. Here is the text received over many weeks in different messages:

Email 1
This is what you, as a website owner, can do:

1.  Watch your website get ranked on the 1st page of Google.
2.  Pay me nothing while I do it (unless you want to).

This unique new service in the UK is specifically tailored for small businesses like you.
And here’s the kicker – it will ALWAYS be affordable. No matter what. Guaranteed.
How can I achieve that? By allowing you to only ever pay what you think it was worth.
If you think what I achieved that month was worth £5, or £10 or £25 or £100, pay just that.
If you think what I achieved was worth very little, pay me nothing.
Nothing more, nothing less. It’s that simple.

Email 2
A few months back I accidentally came across a tool that is being used by professional website marketers, you know, the people who do SEO for you and charge a fortune. To be honest, I’m amazed because it features everything you need to get your website onto
the first page of Google (and I should know – it’s what I do for a living).

Well actually, that’s not the real amazing aspect of this tool – it’s the fact that it’s hidden away from all small businesses that need it! That’s right, it’s only been marketed to website marketers!

However, there’s absolutely no reason why small businesses like you shouldn’t use it. It’s what it’s made for. It has everything you need in one package, is very easy to use, and costs. Well, I’ll leave you to find out how much it costs. If you go to their website, you’ll see that it’s geared more towards website marketers. It also mentions ‘limited time’ and a ‘fire sale’. Just ignore these. The tool is still available (I bought
it myself), and despite the sale being over, is priced at something you won’t believe (it’s in US Dollars, but don’t let that put you off, it’s very easy to download and you’ll pay in £ whichever payment method you choose).

So if I offer website promotion, why am I telling you about a cheap DIY method? Well I’ve sent you a couple of emails already, offering you my unique website promotion service, but you didn’t take it up. I respect that decision and thought you may like something that you own and control instead. Click this link and check the tool out now. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask – I promise you’ll get an answer.

Email 3
Google has announced that the deadline to make your website mobile friendly is April 21st 2015. Since 50% of people use their SMART phones to make buying decisions and use these devices to access websites, Google has determined that it will make significant changes to ranking factors starting April 21, 2015. This could affect your website and your business.

If your website is deemed Not Mobile Friendly by Google, it will fall in rankings and it could end up costing you money and traffic to your website. Don’t worry, there is a solution and I can help you take care of it.

There are several ways you can make your website mobile friendly. I can help you fix it or you may need to create a mobile friendly version of your website. Either way, I can help. Please feel free to call me, so I can help you make your website mobile friendly as soon as possible.

P.S. Google’s deadline for ‘Mobile-Friendly’ is April 21st 2015. Your website may not mobile friendly, but I can help you. Call me or email giving me your website address – I’ll check it out for you. The solution is just a phone call or email away.

P.P.S. Need more information? I’ve prepared a web page just for you that also includes solutions for WordPress users as well as those into DIY. Check it out. It has a special offer.

Email 4
Thank you for your call yesterday and thanks for your patience. First of all I think I need to apologise for our conversation yesterday. I think you were looking at my mobile website offer email. I’ve actually sent out a number of offers recently, the last one being SEO for main websites – so that’s what I initially started banging on about!

That’s nothing to do with mobile websites however, so let’s focus on that [but let me know if I got that wrong and you are interested in SEO for the main website. I’ve checked your main website and can confirm that it’s not mobile-friendly according to Google. You can of course check this for yourself at Google

I specialise in dealing with small business websites. I pay attention to detail but with pricing geared towards rates that small businesses can afford! Going out of my way, over-delivering and keeping clients fully informed form a major part of my business ethics. You’ll find me responsive and informative at all times (in fact one or two clients complain I give them too much information).

The mobile website service consists of the following:

A separate mobile website hosted on my server
Up to 20 pages of whatever content you want
Style and colour scheme matched to your main website
Contact form
Location interactive map if you want it
Adapts to all mobile devices
Click-To-Call buttons on every page
Your images / videos included
QR codes if required
Meets Google’s mobile-friendly requirements
On-going changes made when required
Monthly check-in with you to make sure you’re happy with everything

I still have that email offer open. I normally charge £195 for setup and design and then a £29/month fee for hosting and on-going editing and changes. I’m happy to offer you all the above for only £95 for setup and design and then £9.95/month. Need to see the quality and speed of my work?

I’ve created a real mobile website, using your colour scheme, layout images etc. I’ve made the tap-to-call buttons link to your telephone number and the tap-to-SMS (texting) buttons link to your mobile. The home page and the first page in the navigation are all working with empty pages for the rest of the site.

Of course, this is only an example, and if you came on-board, the site would be tailored to whatever layout and functions you wanted.

Take a look (but please use a mobile phone to do this, otherwise the sizes will look wrong on a desktop computer)

I can have a full mobile website complete for you by the end of the week. If you are happy with it, only then do you pay the setup fee. The monthly payment will start a month later.

Email 5
Hopefully you got my email sent yesterday. When you get a moment, just drop me a note to say you got it. There’s nothing worse than a client thinking I didn’t send anything when promised. Just set my mind at rest as  know these things sometimes get lost! I noticed in the HTML coding of your main site that there is a Google Analytics account set up. If you don’t already have access to this, then ask for the login and password for this too.

Email 6
OK, I’ve run the research on some basic keywords and come up with a few others along the way. I’ve got the monthly search figures for each of these keywords and then determined their ‘difficulty’ factor – that is to say, how easy or difficult it will be to get these keywords ranked on to the first page of Google. The results are attached (Excel spreadsheet, but let me know if you need it in a different format), but a few words about the contents first.The Difficulty factor for both national and local level has a scale in decreasing difficulty:

These are all relative terms. There is no hard and fast rule with any of them. So if a Keyword is classed as Moderate, I can’t specifically say how long it will take to get it onto the first page, nor how much work I’ll need to do to achieve that. All it means is that it is harder than Easy and easier than Hard!

In general terms if a keyword is classed as Easy, then we may get it ranked on the first page within 3 to 6 months, or even within 6 weeks. Each keyword on a page is ranked based on over 200 different ranking rules, each of which is (statistically) weighted differently, so this is why it’s very difficult to predict any timescale, any ranking and the amount of work required.

So we will only be looking to rank local keywords which are Easy to Moderate. We may tackle the occasional Hard KW, but we need to justify that which may mean switching to a more traditional SEO campaign plan which requires fixed monthly payments. Obviously I want to avoid that as this plan is specifically geared towards small businesses.

The reason I include national monthly keyword searches becomes more apparent when we look at most of the Local monthly searches figures. There are a number of 0 (zero) entries in the spreadsheet. Now before you get too hung up on that, let me explain a bit more about the traffic data we’ve got.

If a 0 (zero) is shown, it does NOT mean there is no traffic. The way Google measures traffic means that the figures are averaged and a significant amount of rounding off occurs. I can assure you that if the keyword is in the table, then traffic DOES exist for it. It’s just that the traffic falls below certain cut-off points in Google’s calculations.

For example, there are NO numbers presented below ‘10’. That doesn’t mean that there is never any traffic for say 8 searches per month (obviously, as that doesn’t make statistical sense), it just means that it’s never presented. So we do know there is traffic, probably between 1 and 10 searches per month. I appreciate that this probably sounds very little, but believe me when I tell you that the majority of your traffic will be made up of small numbers like this because it all statistically adds up when you include dozens to hundreds of keywords.

Just because a keyword is classed as Easy does not mean we can target it. As I mentioned before, we need to have a page that contains a reference to this keyword and other related keyword before Google will rank you for it. We can target small groups of keywords on a single page.

I’ve prepared a ranking check for all the keywords that are in the spreadsheet. These are not ALL the keywords you could be found for, but we’ll look at adding more as we go along. It’s my job to get a small group of keywords ranked on the first page of Google and then move on to the next batch of keywords and so on.

The ranking check is attached as a pdf file. It will eventually show rankings for today, yesterday, last week and last month as we collect the data. At the moment of course it only shows todays rankings. Looks like we are pretty well placed with a number of keywords, but there are certainly improvements to be made and there are two keywords where you are not even in the top 100 (marked ‘NTH’).

You will get a ranking check report every month along with my comments and recommendations. I will also supply a mobile website ranking report which is separate.

Apologies for the amount of information in this email! Like I said, I believe in keeping clients informed, so expect me to do just that. Please, at any time if you have questions about anything related to your website, no matter what it is, just ask. I am here to help and advise.

So what’s next?  I’ll start working on the mobile website while we wait to see if you get the login and password details from your website designer. Welcome aboard I’ll look forward to furthering your business for you.

Email 6
I suspect you have contacted your web designers now – I had someone from your website designers sniffing around my Business LinkedIn profile online. So they may have woken up and decided you need supporting after all, maybe even come up with better offers. That’s OK, it’s business. Just let me know though because I’m still hosting the beginnings of a mobile website for you I’ll need to free up the space on my servers if you are not going to take up my offer. I wish you well with the business.