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If you are running a Photography Business and dont have a website or you have a website that doesnt perform or clients cant purchase their photos / canvas prints directly from it then you probably would benefit from us giving your site a bit of our attention and giving you some good advice. Photography Websites are quite popular with photographers and as a company we have done a few photography websites and the type of photography website that is ‘in vogue’ is the ecommerce type where you can upload your photos which will automatically put them into your website that allows you to sell the photos. Take a look at these website that we build that contains the ecommerce function that is specifically built for photographers. Here are some examples of photography websites where we built the ecommerce function into it, this is something I think would benefit all photography businesses online.
(under construction estimate live date March 2012)

The new ecommerce solution is very user friendly for the administrator and allows you to upload (three different ways) images and Galleries / allows you to change images / monitor sales / monitor clients and much more.

The important thing is to give our clients the website exactly as you desire and to make sure it’s ranked highly in the search engines and has potential to grow and be easy to update and use, if you decide to look into this more then you can come to the Delicious Webdesign office in Stanford-le-Hope in Thurrock, Essex then we can show you the admin side of the websites and give you a quick demo and talk through the benefits of our websites that are created specifically for photographers.