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Website support, help and advice

Its important to provide ongoing help and advice once the website is launched, here is an example message we could send you once the website is few months old.

Just gave the website a health check and checked visitor numbers, all looks well all things considering but things could be improved as always. You will continue to get monthly website visitor reports on the 1st of the month that shows you the website is bringing in website visitors. We have made the key search term of the site according to the attached list but your site has a broad range of search terms to bring in more website visitors. We will continue to SEO the site over the coming months and help you build traffic but the best bit of advice I can give you is to add ‘content’ regularly to your site and only yourself can do this efficiently, we are happy to add articles for you in the news section now and going forward if you have trouble doing it but ideally you lean to do it yourself.

The website is fully indexed in Google with all the new pages. As you know you have a site in a very competitive area. What is going against you is the amount of competition, the lack of links to your site (you can increase this yourself by adding yourself to as many business directories as possible) and the lack of pages on your website (you can increase this by adding news posts, projects, updating your gallery). Also look at this list of recommendations for your site that you can do

To keep the website current and fresh we still need you to do the following (perhaps you can send us an update email every 3-6 months?

1 Supply more of your own photos for website galleries
2 Get some of your customer testimonials for us to put on the testimonials page
3 Add news to your website (currently its empty) – see admin access below
4 Add more faqs (as you get asked them)
5 Encourage Customers to leave you Google reviews
6 Regularly post on your Business Instagram page

Further Recommendations

1, Add more content to your facebook page
2, Get more reviews and get us to add them to your Testimonials
3, Get reviews on your facebook page
4, Continue to get reviews on Checkatrade / Facebook / Google
5, Create Instagram Account and let us link it up to your website

Ensure reviews are from real clients in different locations (not from same location)

Your news pages (Blog)
We have installed and configured your news page (blog) you can add posts / photos and learn about it already
Hopefully its quite straight forward to post your info but here are some Instructions

How to write your first post:

We have created some categories for you please ensure every post has a relevant category selected

Additionally can send me a testimonial so I can create an entry / page for you on our site (this is good for seo also to have a link back to your site from ours)

In addition to the points below my immediate recommendation is to add news posts to the site using the admin access details below as one post doesn’t look too impressive. We will work with you to get all your photos on the site when you have them.

I can help you if you have trouble with the posts

With your permission I will give a review / recommendations list of what needs to be done to improve the Essex SEO of the other site.

Initially we need an Essex address where a postcard can be sent to for Google Authentication – will be happy with your first suggestion as that’s where you will be based