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Website Estimates: Payment schedule

We will provide you with an invoice for 40% to 50% of the agreed final total cost at the start of the project, which we request is settled prior to the start of the project.

A second invoice of 30% will be raised on approval of the Site Branding, Functional Specification, Sitemap, Page Wireframes and Visual Page Mock-ups.

The final invoice for the outstanding balance will be raised on final approval.  If the final approval or change request is not forthcoming within a period of one month, we reserve the right to raise the final invoice. Until final payment is received the website is password protected.

Once final payment is received, ownership will transfer to your company. The development password will be removed and the website will be fully live.

Website Ongoing costs

Company domain name registration and hosting (Annual charge)

  • Transfer, purchase or renewal of domain name
  • Email services
  • DNS Services
  • Website hosting
  • The actual details are within “Our Proposed Solution” section of this document

Website support – website monthly maintenance

(Optional Monthly charge)

Fee structure notes

1.   This quotation provides for an inception meeting, an initial approval meeting and a final approval at ours or your premises. Additional meetings will be eligible to additional time and travel charges.

2.   Due to the time constraints involved we advice, a client representative with the authority to provide a single point of contact and decision making for each functional area is required (including general areas). The client’s representative must be readily available during the life of the project.

3.   Where you are providing content, failure to provide content in a timely manner in an appropriate format will delay the development and delivery of your website. In cases where we believe the website to be complete (possibly not even live on the Internet) but waiting for any remaining content to be provided from you we will raise our final invoice. When the content is supplied we will update the site and “put live” on your instruction.

4.   The content provided in the project development is deemed to have been checked for errors and fit for purpose. Once a page has been populated any changes to that content will be recorded in hours and billed along with the final invoice. It is your responsibility to ensure that you own the copyright for all content provided to Delicious Webdesign.

5.   The project outlined above includes a number of client sign-off milestones. Delays in sign-off will delay the development and delivery of your website.

6.   Any changes requested by the client that affects the functionality or timing of the end product once this estimate has been agreed may incur additional costs.  Under such circumstances, a revised estimate or an Additional Charges Form will be provided to you for agreement.

7.   Although we keep abreast of best-practice in search engine optimisation and build all our websites accordingly, we cannot guarantee search engine position which is subject to a number of external variables.

8.   If the website is to be hosted with a supplier chosen by the client then work will be required by Delicious Webdesign to configure the server and software environment. This cost will be in addition to the project and charged at our normal hourly rate.