We register all our domains in the company owner’s name, unlike some other ‘competitors’ that register their client’s domains in their own names and have been known to ‘absorb’ their client’s websites if they decide to move away from them. As the website is registered to the website owner they are at liberty to move to their own hosting / to another website design company as they see fit, the following conversation demonstrates our flexibility in allowing this to happen (although its very rare).
[Website Owner] I want to control and host the site myself and could you please change the IPS TAG as soon as possible.
[Website Hosting Company] Sure we can do this, it is really rare for a client to leave us so would ask why you are transferring away and if there is anything we can do to help, if you have already employed another website design company then that’s fine and will help you transfer to them quickly and painlessly but you need to give us the IPS tag that we need to use to update your domain.
If you want us to give you some website upgrade options then am happy to discuss those with you as others have done and we have managed to upgrade their websites and promoted their websites quickly / cheaply and easily. Just for reference is you Google ‘Essex Plumbing’ you will find one of our clients ranked as the number 1 Google naturally / organically ranked choice. Additionally ‘Essex Builders’  gives you 6 of our clients in the top 10. There is no other Essex Website Design company that can match this SEO success for companies in your sector.
As you probably know your hosting invoice was sent in March and the hosting expired in April, as we knew you were still trading and you probably forgot to pay this we paid for you hosting as we didn’t want your website to be taken down. I hope you appreciate this as we always go out of our way to help our clients and their websites. If you 100% want to transfer away from us we will be sad but can send you a final invoice for the missing hosting (can do it for only 1 year instead of the standard 3 years) and the admin fee to update the IPS tag. We will not charge you anything for missing your hosting payment and wish you luck for the future and always will be here to help if needed. For reference we have only had 3 clients transfer away and two of them transferred back to us after finding the company that were transferring to were less than ‘professional’ and unable to deliver what they had promised.
[Website Owner] Thanks for this info, I am more than happy to stay with yourself and keep the domain / hosting / control with you, thanks for your explanation.

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