Recently we upgraded one of our servers (computers that look after your websites). We previously had a fast dedicated UK based server and now we have an even faster, dedicated UK based server ensuring that our websites are always reliable, fast and secure. This is the email we sent to our clients prior to our upgrade:
This is just a courtesy email to make you aware that we will be updating our server late on Saturday night, which could potentially result in downtime for up to 2 hours. Although this is a minor inconvenience, we can assure you that this is something that will be a tremendous benefit for your website in the long term.
These benefits include:
1, A faster server will mean that the pages will load considerably quicker, making it a better user experience for those visiting the website.
2, Increased reliability will prevent the amount of downtime in the future, ensuring far better uptime for your website.
3, It could help to improve your search engine rankings because Google favours websites that respond and operate quickly.
We do apologise for any potential inconvenience.The maintenance window is scheduled to take place during the lowest traffic hours of the week and is expected to cause minimal disturbance. As mentioned above, this upgrade to the server should limit some of the difficulties that have arisen in the past and have a positive effect on the running of your website and emails.

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