Slightly tongue in cheek title, this is an old chat with a business that didnt use us for domain management / hosting or website design but had an ‘educated’ opinion about our charges for website work enough to share it with others, this obviously ‘hurts’ us when someone with no real idea about ‘quality of service’ or knowledge about what they are getting makes a judgement call and gives a negative comment on a social media platform, the outcome of this is that the company no longer exists and the business is completely closed down, feel free to comment on someones pricing / quality of service but only if you have actually used them and have run a business for a length of time.
[Website Designers] As you have been recommended on the facebook page we at Delicious Webdesign would like to offer you a free inclusion to this new business directory for your business. If you can add yourself to this directory that would be great as we are ‘officially’ launching the site soon  any questions contact myself at Delicious Webdesign or via facebook
[Business Owner] Great thanks I will! Do you do website hosting? Could you please give me a quote of what it costs per year?
[Website Designers] hi would it involve a transfer? whats your current website ?
[Business Owner] My current website seems disabled at the moment because the guy who designed it and did the hosting has gone out of business
[Website Designers]  ideally you need that for the transfer
[Business Owner] What do you mean? What do I need to do?
[Website Designers]  So you need to get the ftp and database access details from your previous guy then he needs to update a tag (IPS Tag) to our identifier (ENOM) to allow us to transfer the website and have it how it was for you
[Business Owner] Ok, but how much do you charge for hosting? I’ve got a quote already. I meant I have got a quote from someone for £24 per year
[Website Designers] Easy to just say a number without knowing whats included but we provide the best / award winning hosting from UK based company with 24/7 support but charge £55 per yearm cheap is definately not the way to go with hosting.
[Business Owner] Does that include any changes I want to make to the website? I don’t really need much, it’s just a hair salon that I have
[Website Designers] small changes are free
[Business Owner] Ok, thanks. I’ll get back to you. I need to think about it, also I would like to know why I have been removed from the Facebook group. I tried joining again and I haven’t been accepted. What have I done?
[Website Designers] Hi not sure but almost certainly for reapeated rule breaking, take a read of the rules and tell me what one you broke
[Business Owner] Well I’ve promoted my business a few times over the last few weeks but not excessively and not several times a day or week even. and I never bump them. It’s a local based business and the offers could be of interest to the local people. and I’ve contributed to many conversations about other things, and recommended local tradespeople or businesses. better than reading about dog poo and other similar posts.
[Website Designers] Dont think we have met but just been sent something showing me you claim my company ‘charge an arm and leg for it’ – I dont know why you said that or what you have based this on as not only have we never done business with yourself we have created websites for all budgets including free ones for local charities and good causes to top end massive websites for international companies. so I would appreciate if you removed this comment as not only is it false, I dont think you realise the the negative business consequences of ‘making false and misleading accusations’ – happy to chat about this if you want to phone me but would appreciate you remove a potentialy damaging comment
[Business Owner] I based my comment on a quote you yourself gave me for designing and hosting a website. its a free country and people are allowed their opinions on what they think is too expensive
[Website Designers] I didnt quote you to design a website at all, check your chat long, we quoted £55 hosting and you were quoted £27 per year is that it? This is like myself saying I think you charge an arm and leg at your hair salon – simply unfair and I am sure it would really upset you, additionally I wouldnt know what a hair cut cost thesedays and likewise I doubt if you really know what website design / nosting costs, the last time I had a hair cut it was very cheap.
[Business Owner] Well like I said we are all entitled to our opinions, my salon has now closed down. your quote came in 3 x the amount other companies asked. I shop around for quotes so I can get an idea of whats reasonable.
[Website Designers] For your information and to demonstrate that there are always variances we do charity websites for free but have seen other website design companies offer them for ‘cheap’ and then charge £800 so you can imagine your comment causes me / us some concern, our quote was £55 per year with free updates and you think you can get this for 1/3 the price so that gives you the right to critisize our pricing strategy? I will leave this with you but expect the comment to be removed. Take a long hard look at what you have said and what I have quoted please – think you will see you are being unfair here
[Business Owner] I was expressing my opinion that what you charged was expensive. I don’t know why you expect me to remove my comment or what you’ll hope to do about it. what happened to freedom of speech?
[Website Designers] Are you serious? You really think we charge an ‘arm and a leg’ for quoting £55 per year for a website domain and hosting and free updates to a website – are you for real? We have never quoted for to design your site also. You are basically giving a fake review of ourselves based on a 2 minute chat about you asking for hosting costs.
[Business Owner] I’ve had dissatisfied customers in the past. you can’t win them all. get over it
[Website Designers] Thanks for your time and reasoning, good luck with your business, sorry I just re-read your comments and you said it closed, well good luck with any future business venture you have, we are happy to give help and advice going forward.

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