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Even if you are having trouble with your existing website designer, one of our clients that has been with us for 6 years started by sending this message to us, we have helped them out of their bad situation with their old website designer (who has now decided to do other things!)

[Distressed Website Owner] Hope you can help, we really need help getting away from a terrible website designer we have got to build and promote our website, I understand you have done great work (Website Design and SEO for a friend’s company). I wanted to ask you if you could help us with a situation. We started an SEO program for our website with a web design company. Now we are having issues with them as the website isnt want we agreed and it has disappeared from the search engines (Google and Yahoo). I think they are breaching the contract by not giving us access to our CPanel and hosting as they first promised. If this is something that you can help us with, I would like to introduce you to my business partner who deals with the website and the promotion of it. Please get in touch with her to discuss if you think its relevant. As you can see we initially had a great growth in terms of visitor numbers then this latest bunch got their hands on the website and visitor numbers have fallen away since then.

[Delicious Webdesign] Would be delighted to help, please reply with the specific website, the access to it you have (CMS access?) and the website design company details, whatever the problem we will resolve it for you. The website visitor loss is dramatic but am confident we can reduce the loss of visitors and start to build them month on month.