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Some Website Designers don’t want you

This message of your website designers going out of business within 30 days is what you don’t want from your website design company when you open your emails on a Monday morning, we have been in business for 12 years and have purchased / absorbed other website design companies and can be assured we have no intention of closing down and especially not with a message like this.

From: Website Designers going out of business:
After over 5 years of operation, it is with deep regret and much sadness that I must inform you that the time has come for this Essex Website design company to close its doors for the final time. This is not a decision that we have taken lightly, and there are various contributing factors that have led to this decision – not least of which is the fact that one of our key suppliers is retiring the platform on which we rely to provide the bulk of our services – and the cost of migrating to an alternative platform has proven to be prohibitive.

We hereby give you 30 days notice of the closure, cessation of business, and shut down of all servers and services operated by Essex Website Designers.

Everything will be shutting down shortly. Firstly, don’t panic. There is plenty of time for you to migrate to a new web hosting company or website designers. Please provide by return the name and email address of the agency or person(s) who will be responsible for coordinating the transfer of your domain name(s), web hosting and email to a new host – so that we may provide them with the necessary login details to retrieve any current website files from our servers before the shut down. We also strongly suggest that you retrieve any email stored on our servers before the deadline.

You can choose a new host company from the many companies out there – many people are content with the “vanilla” services provided by the likes of 1and1, and GoDaddy – or if you prefer the sort of custom bespoke and personal service which we have provided you with in the past, then I have identified two companies who you might want to check out:-

They have both indicated that they would offer you one month free – and if you were to press them I am sure that could be extended to 3 months. We thank you for your past custom and wish you well for the future.
Kind Regards

From: The Business Owners

I made multiple website designer contacts and I have it seems the best price I could get would be an upfront charge of £200 which would cover the transfer and the first year’s hosting, and then it would be £170 per year after that, which includes the fee for owning the domain name. I assume that would still be too much for you.

I see you already have an E-Mail address so may be you want to think about another one with gmail rather than BT. Either way I can go through creating it with you by connecting in remotely to your computer. I can be free either tomorrow afternoon or Thursday afternoon this week, otherwise it would be sometime next week.

We have given a great deal of thought to the transfer of the  domain and email and have made enquiries about the transfer but it seems that for someone to handle the transfer and host the domain name will be quite expensive and given that most of the emails we receive are spam it hardly seems worth the bother. We mostly use Facebook now but I would like to keep the Outlook mailbox for other stuff. Could I persuade you to either set up the domain on another/external host or just create a new BT email for us which won’t cost us anything.

I think I have backed up the old emails from Outlook but I’m not 100%, I know we won’t be able to respond to them but there are a lot of photos and stuff that the manager likes to refer to. I’d appreciate it if you are able to assist.

From: Website Designers

Presumably you don’t want to lose the business E-Mail address. You own the domain and it is completely separate from your relationship with your hosting company. By moving that domain to another host you will be able to continue using the email account. The fact that you don’t need a web site is not relevant to this situation, but actually makes the process a whole lot easier for you. That way, your customers won’t notice any change whatsoever. The only change will be in the way you collect your E-Mails through Outlook. We simply have to tell Outlook where to look once the swap to a new host is made.

Your website designers have asked for a contact to whom they will give log in details. That will be you. You also need to decide which host you will go with. They generally have a straightforward form to fill in and will handle the transfer of the domain for you.