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New business owner wanting advice

Have answered similar questions as the one below

hundreds of times, in general we like having a sit down chat with new business owners to find out what they need and want and to show them our ideas and capabilities.

[New Business Owner] I need a website, I think, what are you prices please? I have opened a small shop and I am trying to get established and I have been watching tips and it keeps saying about a website, so over to you.

[Website Designers] Prices are tricky to give without knowing what you want and need from your website, you will be glad to know that we can do everything from logo design, 360 tours of inside buildings, domain choice and registration, hosting, email, web design, e-commerce, website updates and support, training, webcopy, photography, promotional video, website design and development, graphic design, website optimisation, website security, website maintenance, social media management and SEO (website promotion) as well as everything in between. Do you know what type or style of website you want? A big divide is e-commerce (shop) websites and standard brochure websites. Seen any ones you like?