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5 reasons to upgrade your website now

There is no point in putting off a website upgrade until a later date, the sooner you do, the sooner you can get your name above your local competition.

All websites need to be easy to navigate, informative and simple for people to contact you, so here are a few questions to answer about your present website:

1. Your website needs to be both tablet and smartphone friendly.

If not then according to the Daily Mail you will be missing more than half of the Google searches. Think for a moment about one of your customers, sat at home in the evening using their tablet, if your website does not make it easy for them to Email you out of hours, then they will probably go to a website that does.

2. Is your website too slow to load?

According to recent metrics half of all consumers expect a web page to load in under 2 seconds, and 40% of people will click elsewhere if a website takes more than 3 seconds.

There may be technical reasons in the coding, making your website slow, but regardless of the reason, you risk losing at least half of visitors and annoying the remainder. There are many ways for a developer to speed up a website, so if yours is slower than these figures, get a re-design now as Google will be penalising you for this.

3. Your content has not been changed in years or is outdated

You may have wanted to make changes on your website but have been unable to contact the website company or person who designed it. If you haven’t updated your site in the past few months, chances are some of your content is outdated. Updating your entire website can give you the opportunity to look at your content with fresh eyes and remove outdated information, while restructuring old content to increase traffic to your website.

4. Has anyone Optimized your website?

Many people still believe that a new website will just rise up the Google Search results, and that their website designer will do all the work within the website price. The reality is that it takes a good deal of hard work to rise up to the first page of Google and if you have not had your website Optimised by a specialist company, there will be areas that can be improved upon.

If you appear high on Google search for numerous search terms you will naturally get many more enquiries from new internet customers that are looking for the services you provide. Try a Google search to see if your website can be found for “The service you provide and your location” examples might be ” Builders in Essex” or “Plumbers in Thurrock”

5. Your competitors’ websites look better than yours

Take a moment to search locally at your competitors’ websites, do they provide a greater initial impact than your own? If your website is starting to look a bit dated or lacks good functionality, it might be a good time to speak with us about your options.

Whatever your enquiry or question, we aim to be able to answer it swiftly and accurately, so for more information on how we can help design you a website to promote your company online, call one of our team or fill in the form below.