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Google Adwords Premier SME Partner

Client told me recently they have been having some hard sell from a Adwords reseller that holds the lofty title of Premier Partner, the information they received from that partner is misleading and incorrect and is repeated in full here (with comments by delicious webdesign). After investigating their figures I found that in the last year the website has received less visits than claimed.

[message from Google Adwords Premier Partner] Please see attached the stats for your Google programme. Views are how many times the advert has appeared [Delicious Webdesign – shown as over 48,000] and CLICKS are visits to your website.[Delicious Webdesign – shown as 199 these figures are given over a 1 month period]

The only thing that maybe is stopping the user calling is that you only have MOBILE number on the website and NO ADDRESS so they cannot see where you are based ?????? [Delicious Webdesign – Address is on the site and its very shortsighted to say that they know the only thing that stops people calling is the lack of a landline number]

Maybe an idea to get a landline added and then divert it to your mobile. I know a builder who had the exact same issue and this definitely helped.

I have asked Yell to sort out the refund our end for the over payment. [Delicious Webdesign – no idea whats this is about]

Sorry about that. Let me know what you think about the landline ????

[Delicious Webdesign – message to client after he requested help ] Just checked your ‘real Google Analytics  Statistics’. The claim that the ‘clicks’ are visits to your website is incorrect as in the last 3 months your ‘real website stats report you have only had 18 visitors from Yell (you had the same amount from ebay!) .

My advice is as soon as you can stop paying for this advertising and will use your free £50 google adwords voucher and start your ads going on your own Google account.