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website ideas for your Thurrock businessDo you own a business in Thurrock in Essex and want a website or do you have a website and need it updating and / or promoting? If so they you have found the right company. We are based in Thurrock (Stanford-le-Hope) and can build you a new website, fix / update or promote your existing website easily and efficiently. Get in touch today by phoning Project Manager James on 01375 460094 or 07743 853976 for a chat about exactly what you want and what Delicious Webdesign can do for you.

We will get the job done (of building and promoting your website) without the hassle and at a reasonable price. That doesn’t mean you can expect any less in the way of quality – our expert work speaks for itself and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Straight-talking, no fuss, hassle-free websites and web program development that get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Design is Crucial for us here at Thurrock Website Design
First impressions count. The same should be true for your website. We understand the need to convey the right message to your customers which is why our web design team is exclusively made up of highly experienced web graphic designers with an eye for what looks good. More importantly, what sells your product and you.

We keep your website design and development “clean”. We will create modern, professional sites that are a breeze to navigate and load at lightning speed. Visitors to your site will be thankful you chose Web Design Thurrock Essex.

Content is Key for our websites
What comes after first impressions? Your website’s content. Your customer will be able to find the information or product they are looking for with ease. Even inexperienced web surfers will have no problem with our intuitive website designs and site navigation. We know this is the way to keep users coming back to your website.

We will also use our knowledge of “web user experience” to assist you with what to include in your website. Web Design Thurrock Essex can even give full copy writing service to help communicate the right message effectively and to maximise your site’s search engine potential.

Web Development (Get ready for the jargon…)
Unfortunately, when talking about web development and website design some technical blah blah is needed. You could say, it’s the nature of the beast. So bear with us while we explain the benefits of Web Design Thurrock Essex, web development.

The packages we offer are broken down into four packages web design, ecommerce, Content Management Systems, Database driven website using PHP and MySQL Please do not be alarmed if you have not heard of these either read the etialed information below or call us

Professional Website Design
We provide affordable web design services including  php programming services, ecommerce websites, custom graphics, custom design,content management solutions, credit card processing, domain names and hosting to name a few.

All our websites are designed from scratch, this insures your website will be unique and created just the way you want it.

As website designers we aim to give you value for money website designs and solutions to all of your internet requirements. All of the ‘standard’ features come as standard with any of our website design projects.

Custom Website Design
Design based on your requirements
Cheap domain name and reliable hosting
Quality Website Design
Optimised web pages
Keywords & Meta Tags included
Clean code
Optimised images
Search engine Submission

Web 2.0 provides a new and enhanced makeover for the World Wide Web by providing users with an easier and a faster web. It makes use of a number of techniques that includes web syndication, AJAX, and public web service APIs.

Features of Web 2.0
Rich Internet Application techniques that are unobtrusive like AJAX.
Supports mass publishing like wikis and blogs.
Semantically valid XHTML markup and the application of Microformats.
Significant and clean URLs.
Publish Weblogs. Weblogs are the web-based periodic publication of articles.
Mashup, which is a web application or a site that merges content from various sources.

Ecommerce Web Design

Some features :-

Expert website design & production
Customed Admin Area
Add, edit, delete, categories & product
Very Easy to use
Bespoke web design
integrated with your website design
Powerful search facility
Product thumbnails
Email confirmation of orders
Payment gateway integration
SEO & site submission
Unlimited products & categories

No technical knowledge needed!

You can run your own Ecommerce website with the minimum of technical knowledge, if you can fill out a form you can run an online shop. Our website developers are always at hand.

Content Management Sites
Quality Web Design and meeting our customer requirements has always been first and foremost, need a website that you want to update frequently? Have limited technical skills? Then a Content Management System (cms) website design package could be for you. A CMS website allows you add/edit/delete web pages, whenever wherever! (as long as you have internet access), letting you control your own website, without the need for any specialist computer skills.

No technical knowledge needed!
(CMS) is ideal for ‘non-technically minded’ users. If you are able to use Microsoft Word you will be able to use our software. Database Driven php & MySQL. Database driven websites, sometimes called dynamic websites, can provide constantly updated or highly tailored pages for your individual visitor.

Why put a database on a website?
The World Wide Web (WWW) does only one thing: provide information. If you have information about something, you can share it with the world by building a website. As your website grows you may run into two problems:

1 Your website has so much information that visitors can’t quickly find what they want.
2 Visitors want to give you information.

Both of these problems can be solved by building a database on a website.

They can drive interactive websites, for example enabling visitors to search in your databases for the product or information they want. Alternatively they can simply give you the ability to update individual pages quickly and inexpensively without the need for specialist design or technical personnel.

Database driven websites can require a high level of manual intervention to ensure that their databases of information are always up-to-date. We can provide a secure online updating facility for clients to use or offer a fully managed updating service to perform these updates on your behalf. Examples of database driven websites include vehicle and property listing sites, clubs, private membership portals, forums, directories and much more. Your Database driven website will be created by one of our web designers and web development teams, with Web Design Thurrock Essex you know you are in safe hands.