Produced a website in 3 days for a high profile client needing a website urgenty recently, on reflection we chatted on the phone once, met once and exchanged one email each. Its nice when things run this smoothly
[Client] I am emailing with regards to finding out if you could help me with updating and changing the look of my current website, I live in Thurrock in Essex
[Website Designers] I did try to call you to discuss your website requirements. The best thing to do is to meet up and discuss what you’re looking for. I live in Thurrock and my offices are in Stanford-le-Hope. Please let me know if you would like to meet to discuss it further.
Thanks for bearing with me over the weekend! I have as promised created some visuals for you and they can be seen here. Please note the following:
1.They are based on the black background look and feel as we discussed at our meeting
2.They are purely for visual purposes so don’t expect the buttons to work!!
3.There are actually 5 variations of the visual, so see each one simply click anywhere on the images
4. They take a few seconds to load, because they are black (but wont when we build it)
5.Some of the text is probably wrong as this is purely for visual purpose
Let me have your feedback when you’re ready

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