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SEO Proposal Scare tactics

Here are some assumptions made (generally incorrectly) and used to ‘scare’ website owners by SEO ‘experts’, please don’t get scared of your SEO / website if you get a random email or phone call that tells you that your website isnt performing correctly, 99% of the time you have nothing to worry about, unless of course you have a rubbish website 🙂

Q1 The proposal indicates the site gets approx. 1300 visitors per month, how do you know that?
A1  This is an estimation based on your current rankings in Google. For example if you were ranking in the 1st position for a keyword with 1000 monthly searches you would receive ~400 users per month for that keyword (number 1 position on average will capture ~40% of search volume). If you are ranking number 2 for a keyword with 1000 monthly search volume you would receive ~150 users per month for that keyword (number 2 position on average will capture ~15% of search volume. So in other words I have taken all your keyword positions and taken an estimation of how much traffic you would capture per month for any given keyword. Let me know if this makes sense. If you give me guest access to your Google Webmaster Tools I can give you an exact figure, but these estimations will generally be pretty close.

Q2 How do you know the projects webpage page is the most popular (you say 70% of users visit this page)? I will try to get access to these from the website designer so we know what they are shortly.
A2 I probably wouldn’t refer to it as the “most popular page” – It captures the highest amount of organic traffic relative to your other pages. This is because there are lots of small volume keywords that are ranking in the number 1 position.

Q3 what do you mean when you say ‘8.1k keywords have been currently indexed’ please explain this, does it mean my site has 8100 keywords indexed in Google?
A3 Yes you are correct. There are a total of 8.1k keywords between pages 1 – 20 in Google search.

Q4 Duplicate Content you say is 14% what is source of this as we go out our way to ensure there is no duplicated content on the site. Its all our own work.
A4 You can see your duplicate content here (link given to dupilcate content on the same site only there due to news posts in categories)

Q5 How many months do you think we will need to improve the site, what results can we reasonably expect ?
A5 It really depends on the existing authority of the website. Since your site is quite authoritative in your space I would you will see positive keyword movement after the 1st month and significant results after the 3 months. Please let me know if you have any more questions. If you’re interested for a chat on Skype just let me know when you’re available. I’m looking forward to working with you on this project.