Creating Unique, Relevant & Search Engine Friendly Webcopy Text

Getting a website can be very worthwhile, but it has to be spot on. Unfortunately, many people think that any old website with some basic text should automatically generate traffic and sales which is almost never the case. Good sales copy can easily mean the difference between lots of new clients/enquiries and virtually none.

We know that a good site is only found due to the text on it as the major search engines rely on the text within a web page to tell them what the site is trying to achieve. The quality of the text will enable your site to attract visitors and convert more of those visitors to clients.

Content is king and always will be so the more unique, valuable, relevant and search engine friendly text that is properly optimised on each page the better. The key to good ranking is content and unless you have got a professional copywriter on board it’s possible that your site has very limited ‘real text information.

Most people do not even consider the text or webcopy on their new website until we mention it as they are too occupied with how it looks but its arguable that webcopy will be the single most important part of your website after all Google, Bing and Yahoo cant see how the site actually looks but can only read what we put on the site.

So you have two choices, create your own text or get us to do it, if you decide to do it yourself will it be a false economy? Will the text attract the search engines and then convert your website viewers into client? It may do, but its a big gamble to do the webcopy yourself if you don’t know what the search engines are looking out for in your website’s text.

Knowing that it will be time-consuming and may cost you money by creating your own copy amateurishly why not let us do it professionally?

If you want us to create your content (text content for your pages) then then you can see what unique and search engine friendly content we have created in some of the sites in our portfolio as we created the content for most of them.

A guide price for content for 10 topics, headings or pages starts from about £300 so as an example the text on the following sites:


Text content will cost approximately £300 and we will need your input as to your main services ⁄ headings to what you want to offer ⁄ promote. If your website will have fewer services ⁄ options we can arrange a 5 page webcopy package for approximately £200.

The price we charge includes research, unlimited amendments and guidance on formatting the copy on your site so it’s perfectly laid out. Overall this should give you a strong sales conversion rate so you can convert plenty of your visitors into clients and enquiries. If we are not creating the website for you or you already have a website that you just want webcopy for then we will look at your website when it’s online and give you some feedback⁄advice on how it could be improved and tweaked for more sales.

The text which we create for your site will be:

  • Relevant to your services ⁄ items.
  • Unique ensuring you are not penalised for having duplicate content on your site.
  • Search engine friendly, the copy will have appropriate keyword densities for your key search terms.
  • Rating highly (over 60) in the Fleisch readability grading system.
  • Proof read by two people and be grammar ⁄ spelling checked (of course)

The text will be checked and guaranteed to be 100% unique and not matched anywhere on the Internet, this is of the utmost importance and will ensure your pages get ranked in the ‘main’ index highly. We have tools to check the uniqueness of text and you will be amazed how little a page of text has to match another page before it gets flagged up and a copy infringement.

Some questions that we ask clients:

If this is for an existing website? its advantageous for us to see it and for you to give examples of sites that you think provides the same services as your site Or is this for a site currently being made?

We encourage websites to feature FAQ sections, can you give us a guide to some of the type of questions you are asked routinely about your good / services?

Do you already have specific questions and answers ready for use?

Do you want the copy search engine optimised so your webpages are able to rank well for certain search terms?

If you have any specific information such as unique selling points, offers or certain details you would like on pages, please highlight these so we can put emphasis on them within your webcopy.

These sites have previously had nearly all of the text created and supplied by us:

We think that by having the text on your website created professionally and correctly that this represents the single best think you can do for your site to make it rank highly and feature more in directories and blogs.

We work hard to deliver a hassle free and time bound copywriting service to our clients so that they don’t have to wait forever for a content piece.