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Free SEO AnalysisHere you can view the positions that we have achieved for our clients, proving that our search engine optimisation techniques delivery traffic for our clients every time. If you wish for us to evaluate your website with a view to promoting it in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing then please contact us.

Keywords Position* Timescale
Our site
essex website designers 1,2 & 10 10 Months
web design essex 2 8 Months
website design essex 3 & 10 12 Months
essex website designer 4 3 Months
new websites essex 3 & 5 10 Months
Essex Builders
Essex Builders 1 2 Months
Essex Builders 2 6 Months
Essex Builders 4 2 Months
Essex Electrician
Essex Electrician 1 2 Months
Electrician Essex 3 8 Weeks
Wedding Car (Vintage and Classic)
wedding cars essex 1 2 Months
vintage cars essex 1 2 Months
essex classic cars 4 2 Months
essex wedding car 3 3 Months
Scuba Dive Instructor Training (3 websites)
PADI IDC 3 2 Months
PADI IDC Phuket 2,5 & 7 2 Months
PADI IDC Thailand 8,9 2 Months
IDC Phuket 2,4 & 9 2 Months
PADI instructor course 1 4 Months
PADI Instructor Training
PADI IDC 1 7 Months
Virtual PA / Secretarial Services
Essex Secretarial Services 1 4 Months
Buffet Company for Funerals
Funeral Buffets Essex 1 4 Months
Essex Roofing Company
essex roofing 1 5 Months
roofing essex 1 5 Months
Steam Cleaning
Steam Cleaning Essex 1 2 Months
essex steam cleaning 1 3 Months
PC Watercooling specialists
water cooled pcs 1 4 Months
watercooled pc 2 4 Months

* Results taken as seen on and in July 2011

Why you need webcopy

Google (via its spokesman Matt Cutts) and the other search engines say build your website for your visitors and we couldn’t agree more. A website, first and foremost, needs to appeal to the website visitor and we can help you create valuable, unique content.
Will any text be ok for my website?

Well, its not a case of just putting text on your website you need to put relevant text that has perfect syntax and grammar that meets a readability metric (Flesch readability index) and contains your important search words / search terms.

So as long as the text reads well we will rank highly?

There are many factors at play to determine your search engine rankings but content is always one of the most important factors, with our expert knowledge we can package the text in an optimised page, giving the search engines every chance to rank it well.
What’s the best way to get great content?

We provide copy creation experts to create perfect web copy for your website, this is one of the major factors in why most of our sites rank so highly, we can advise you on costs during the website proposal period.

Moving up in the search engines

We follow quality guidelines to ensure that you not only get full value for your investments in a SEO campaign but also secure your investments for a long term as we offer affordable SEO solution backed by a performance target – we will aim to get your best sales generating keywords into the top 10 organic search engine results in Google, Bing and Yahoo who are currently the main search engines. You cannot get guarantees of search engine results but our previous campaigns have always been successful and we would be more than happy to show you the results we have attained for previous clients.

Top 6 reason to choose us:

  • Proper selection of sales generating keywords
  • Aggressive promotion on Search Engines.
  • Dedicated On page and Off page specialist for each project.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Comprehensive monthly reporting.