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Here are our website charges

Additional website options

Details of our website support charges.

Your website naturally requires incurs costs / and will always require updates (upgrading the CMS, the theme and the plugins and may need quite large re-writes if it is not compatible with future releases of MySQL and PHP). It will also invoke costs when its imported (from another website design company / hosting company) and exported (to another host / website designers). The more popular the website the more bandwidth and disk space (and possibly email accounts and size) will be required. This is normally a healthy problem to have as the extra sales / enquiries you achieve will vastly outweigh any increases in website running costs. Below we try to detail the most commonly required services when you have a domain / website.

Commonly you will find you need to update your website from time to time by adding customer testimonials or adding new photos, goods or services, perhaps you have changed location and need your address and telephone numbers updated, we can support you throughout the life of your website., you can do these yourself or if you are Competent in updating your Content Management System (like WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop). Below is an overview of the costs and charges that we charge to work on your website.

There are some optional / maintenance and additional charges below that you may require like additional disk space or extra email accounts. If you ever need to change host then we charge a final / termination fee of £45 to transfer your domain away and to update the IPS tag (.co.uk domains) or to unlock it (.com domains).

These costs / charges should be read in conjunction with our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Domain Registration £75 per year (Without Hosting)
SSL Certificate Installation and Configuration every 2 years £95
Website HTML Code Exported for download £175
Email files / folders Export Emails supplied for download £125
Internet Training £345 per day
Content Writing £40 per hour or 3000 words (12 pages) £400
Hosting Linux £280 every 2 years
Hosting Windows £350 every 2 years
Security Performance and Management* £100 every 2 years
Extra Disk Space £200 annually for 10GB
Extra Bandwidth £250 annually for 20GB
Transfer Domain to Registrar / Host £55 (Admin charge to update the IPS tag / EPP Code)
Wordpress Code and Database Export £450
Full Cpanel Access £450
Website Support £40 per hour (website changes & updates)
SEO Updates £45 per hour (SEO related changes / investigations)
Extra Email accounts £75 per account with 1GB capacity
Enhanced Email accounts £145 per account with 2GB capacity
Website Transfer in £295 (full code / database / CMS export & config)
Google Services Transfer £75 Google Places, Analytics and Search Console
Additional Pages £50 to £75
FTP Access to website Company policy doesn’t allow 3rd party access
Backup Restore £150 Minimum of 3 hours to restore from backups

The Performance / Security / Management package*

This is now an essential / required option for all websites to ensure the website is protected against fraud, hacking and to ensure the performance of the site is maintained / monitored and improved where possible. Individual tasks that this package includes are:

– Keeping website up to date with latest installations of CMS / Themes and Plugins
– General maintenance and bug fixes
– 24/7 Uptime monitor (Alerts admins of website down)
– Additional Optimization Services (Speeds up website, improves Google ranking)

Website Security

– Installation of latest security patches
– Anti-Malware scanning
– Penetration Testing (Making sure the website is secure and not vulnerable to hacks)
– Security including DDoS Protection

Disaster Management

– Daily off site backups