Websites for Miscellaneous Businesses

Websites for Miscellaneous Businesses

One of the common reasons why a website is ultimately unsuccessful is that the owner believes his or her unique speciality cannot be addressed by a website design team. On the contrary, Delicious Webdesign is happy to address any business which is currently on the market. From electrical trades to party supplies and everything in between, our proficient team is able to deliver a highly polished website that is certain to attract the intended customer base. How is this accomplished and why is our approach so very potent? These are two questions which deserve a much closer examination.

Addressing the Needs of Google

Many sites fall by the wayside due to the fact that they have not kept up to date with the latest search engine algorithms. Although this may sound trivial, the fact of the matter is that even the most attractive page serves little purpose if the public is unaware of its existence. So, we take into account such concepts as:

  • Keyword placement and density
  • Google-friendly coding
  • Proper SEO techniques
  • Addressing your local demographic

Failing to appreciate the impact of these variables is a dangerous mistake. All of our technicians are aware of such concepts and thus, your site will always rise within online search results.

Load Times and Mobile Concerns

Internet users have become very demanding in terms of how quickly a page must display. Should load times exceed three seconds (or even less), the visitor is likely to return to the search engine results page to encounter a similar firm. Once an inbound lead is lost, it rarely returns. Therefore, Delicious Webdesign will optimise every page to make certain that it loads quickly and without error.

Also, the rise of the mobile phone is now one of the most important transformations observed within the Internet (1). This trend is only expected to gain further momentum during 2016 and beyond. All of our customers are able to receive mobile-responsive website design solutions. So, visitors can access this content while out and about. If your page is not currently adapted to suit this need, your rankings are likely already suffering.

Marketing Exposure

A critical facet of website design is involved with the marketing of the portal itself. This will include (but is not limited to) social media links, blog posts, search marketing, email campaigns and pay-per-click platforms. When used in conjunction, the power of these concepts cannot be denied. We will once again take your preferences into account when developing such strategies. Along the way, our team monitors progress and makes changes in a proactive manner to address the audience in question.

One Step (Together) at a time

Consultation is always an important facet of the website design process. Gone are the days of the “cookie-cutter” approach. This is simply no longer a marketable concept. We strive to keep all of our clients informed during every step of the build. Some of the areas that we aim to mutually address are:

  • General design preferences
  • The type and specificity of content
  • Logos and branding
  • The placement of graphics and videos
  • Layout, navigation and contact options

This well-rounded technique has enabled us to meet and exceed even the most demanding of expectation within an amenable time frame. After all, time is indeed money in any business.

Regardless of the focus of your platform, we have the ability to handle all requirements. We strive to provide you with a centralised service that is both efficient and comprehensive. Furthermore, it is our hope to establish long-standing relationships with all of our clients by providing them with turnkey design solutions. To learn more, please take a look at our design team and submit a query for further information. The future is here today and Delicious Webdesign is proud to help you evolve into this productive online landscape.

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