Websites for Food and Catering

Websites for Food and Catering

There is no doubt that the food and catering industry can be quite challenging. If you are like many proprietors, you are aware of the power that proper online exposure can provide to your business. Delicious Webdesign is your go-to source if you hope to provide your budding enterprise the virtual presence that it deserves. By embracing a ground-up approach and through turnkey solutions, you can expect nothing but the most comprehensive and flexible website design packages. What are some of the areas that our team of professionals can address?

Addressing the Overlords at Google

Google represents the world’s largest search engine and millions of individuals access this site to find what it is that they are looking for. So, it stands to reason that following the latest SEO rules and regulations makes perfect sense. This is generally accomplished through the use of targeted keywords that centre around the focus of your company. Of course, terms such as “food” and “catering” are often too broad to provide you with substantial exposure. We will therefore analyse your operations to offer a more relevant approach. Highly refined keywords will inevitably generate quality inbound leads and in turn, you can expect increased revenue levels over time.

More than Meets the Eye

It should be mentioned that the design of any service-oriented website involves much more than keyword-rich content alone. In fact, what goes on behind the scenes plays a critical role. Delicious Webdesign is also attentive to other tools such as HTML tags, the appropriate coding and page load times. All of these are critical to make certain that customers find what it is that they are looking for. Whether referring to catering services, interactive menus or online ordering, the importance of functionality cannot be overstated.

Creating Local Interest

“Local buzz” is another term which has gained increased importance during the past few years. This has primarily arisen from potential customers performing more discrete searches based upon their needs. So, detailed search queries must be addressed. Two examples below illustrate how this process works:

  • Catering London
  • Online Chinese catering in West London

The second search phrase is much more detailed and it will result in locally relevant websites. Once again, this directly impacts lead quality and conversion rates. Delicious Webdesign will therefore take into account the physical location of your business as well as the food-related services that it provides.

An Intuitive Approach

Any website is only as useful as how quickly it can be customised to suit the needs of the owner. Generic approaches are simply out of the question in terms of the templates offered at Delicious Webdesign. We will base our techniques around your specific needs. This enables your portal to stand above the rest while enhancing the overall user experience. It has been shown that the majority of potential customers will base their initial impression of a business around the website itself. So, there is no room for second-best techniques. A picture could very well be worth 1,000 words!

On-the-Fly Adjustments

Without performing regular performance analyses, it will be nearly impossible for you to gauge the effectiveness of a specific sales or marketing strategy. Live environment testing, the number of inbound leads, regular linking to other media sources and clickthrough rates will all be monitored by our design team. So, you will be able to make minor adjustments before they evolve into costly concerns. Flexible content management systems and regularly updated information will also play critical roles in this malleable approach.

Delicious Webdesign appreciates that the food and catering sector is extremely competitive. What may have worked fine yesterday could very well need to be updated today. So, we encourage you to contact us for further details in regards to what we can offer. You can also browse through the examples below to appreciate what we have been able to provide to other successful websites.

Take a look at the Food and Catering websites we have designed for our clients