Adult Website Requirements

Adult Website Design Requirements

Q1 – I wish to revamp my website. Here is my Issue. Although I have gotten a lot of milage from and have had outstanding success with my site, I want to change things up.

From what I have seen from you. I know you get the escorting business but are you prepared to do a little more and ad another income stream for me in the delivery of adult content and the sale of adult goods.

Here is where I am at. I have this CMS geared for an Adult Content Website. The platform has been rock solid in delivering up the web pages. but is more complicated that I would like it to be. The web designer that got the site up and running passed away after it was up but we never finished it completely. I have been badgering the people who did the CMS to help me get a new web designer or to help me redesign and finish the site as well as get the for pay area running. Unfortunately, they have not responded and I am frustrated and looking to start something. Bottom Line This is what I want.

  • I am looking for someone to take over as my webmaster / developer to either learn and continue to use the current CMS or to offer me a new CMS solution.
  • I want to offer my escort services and also wish to generate income from the sale of my pictures and movies. ( I would like to have a free area as well as a pay to view section)
  • I would like to be able to add content continuously VIDEO and PICTURES ( I have a merchant account set up)
  • Would like to have a Calendar that I can update myself ( i have this now and Love it) this is a third party solution that can be used anywhere)
  • I would like to have a newsletter sign up ( i have this now and Love it) this is a third party solution that can be used anywhere)
  • I would love to have a booking form like I have now
  • I would love to have a rate schedule I can update as needed. Presently I do this through an edit of the HTML code.
  • I would love to be able to incorporate a Live Video Chat and if I can make it a pay for view I would love it even more.
  • I would like to set up a storefront for the sale of some adult goods. (we can incorporate a third party shopping cart solution)

If you think you can help me develop the site with the above, then I am all ears. I will not stop investing in my site as long as I can find a responsible person to help make it happen.

At this point I am rushed to get started but in no rush to finish. I have something running and we can do a parallel development.. I own my own dedicated server and have my hosting offshore in the Netherlands. You can develop on my server and show me the progress. We can release it when its ready. Ready does not mean it has to have everything but should have the major components.

Here is some information for you to help evaluate the CMS. The system is CSS compliant and design independent. Below is the information to be able to get an idea for what is serving up my web pages. I particularly am a not a fan of Flash and more a fan of elegance, speed and functionality. Replicating what I have is not the goal.

I need to do a graphic redesign, get everything working and move forward with making my site the best out there. The problem is that Adult interface is not my designer….As much as I would want them to be, they do not have the time to do it. We do not have the time to learn how to do web design either.

Ongoing, I want to be able to upload and refresh content and make the updates to changing information like my tour schedule and rates.

At this point i can either get someone to learn the current CMS and help me revamp my website and get the ecommerce part up or get someone to do it from scratch. I do not have an investment in the current CMS as I am paying a monthly fee for using it. I can walk away any time I want. What I like about it, is that it is rock solid and serves up content very quickly. What I hate about it is that I do not have time to get involved in the graphic design and incorporating new functionality.

Let me know what you think

Q2 – My mate and I want to create an adult paysite for adult videos. We also want to include live webcam view at certain schedule timing. We would put a few free 1 minute clips to attract paying viewers into the site. Once they are in they can create a profile page. Maybe even do a chatroom. Aprox. How much would all that be to create it?

A2 – Hi we get quite a few similar requests for this type of website so would like to know if you have any website proposal / plan that you can send us? Obviously we would be glad to help you build all aspects of your website Do you have any forecasts about website visitors traffic etc Do you have any guide sites (example websites) for us to look at to see what you want exactly?

Q3 – hi how much will it cost for you to design a website for me like Fab Swingers with all the same features

A3 – A couple of people have used fabswingers as a reference website recently so I have already looked into that site quite a bit. Have you got any more ‘detailed’ requests or simply you want everything on that site under your own brand I suggest that you should list all the features you do / don’t want as that website has evolved and grown to now include a forum / cams as well as other features and if you don’t want these features they will obviously cost you to get them designed and developed.

Q4 – Dear Sirs, We would like a quote to build a new Swingers website for us. We currently own the domain name: [website name related to swingers breaks] and we shall be offering swingers breaks and cruises across Europe. Look forward to hearing from you.

A4 – Refers your new website for swingers breaks and cruises across Europe, It sounds like you will require a business brochure site (unless you want these breaks to be ‘purchased’ online). This type of website design will require you to fill in one of our questionnaires (attached) to enable us to get a better idea of the adult website design you require.