Websites for Art

Websites for Art

“There are no failed artists, it is a success to be one”

You have likely heard this term before and yet, such a mantra could be falling short in regards to your website. Artists have some of the most demanding jobs in the world and very few are afforded the time to properly coordinate and design a functioning portal that will attract potential customers. Delicious Webdesign is focused around addressing these challenging needs so you can return your efforts back to your core talents. How do we accomplish this and what can you expect when choosing the expertise of our seasoned design team?

Efforts towards online exposure

Static websites are no longer able to drive the inbound traffic that is necessary for you to survive. This is compounded by the fact that a growing number of artists have rather impressive and interactive portals. We aim to provide these same benefits to you. Some of the more technical areas that we address are:

  • SEO and keyword targeting
  • Google Adwords and pay-per-click packages
  • Market research
  • The creation of user-friendly content
  • Images, flash videos and other graphical displays

These are naturally only a handful of the areas that our team will tackle during the build process. The main priority is still to cater to your needs as an artist.

A Fast-Loading Portal

One very common mistake that is witnessed throughout the online community is a page that does not load properly. While this may not have been a problem during the days of dial-up networking, the exact opposite is now true. Users are likely to look elsewhere if a page fails to display within only a few seconds. This can be problematic for artists, for they tend to have a good deal of visual information on their sites. Delicious Webdesign will optimise all pages to make certain they display in no time at all. The end results are higher click-through rates and greater chances of a visitor taking interest in what you have to offer.

Streamlined Designs

It is always important that an individual finds what it is that they are looking for. Perhaps they seek to commission a piece to be displayed in an art exhibit. They may require a painting for their new home or office. Should they be unable to navigate the site properly, business is once again lost. Our team of trained design engineers will provide you with the most effective layout. This once again is performed in conjunction with your opinion as well as the type of work that is being offered. Simplicity and beauty should always be a reality.

Addressing Your Community

Artists must be in touch with their geographic community at all times. Delicious Webdesign believes that generating local “buzz” is another key to success within the digital world. In other words, anyone who is looking for a specific artistic service who resides in a certain area will view your site above other competitors that have not employed this concept. Google also looks favourably upon this approach; ranking sites higher when the search results are displayed. This concept is akin to a billboard on the side of a motorway. Of what use is such a sign if passing drivers are unable to view it?

The Digital Nuts and Bolts

There is much more that takes place behind the scenes such as front-end development, analytical analyses, live environment testing and page optimisation. Although these concepts are technical in nature, they are just as important to produce a well-rounded website for your artistic endeavours.

So, please take a bit of time and browse through the selection of sites which you see below. These will help to display some of the work that we have already accomplished for other successful artists. Should you wish to employ our services, we are only a click away!

Here are the websites we created for our clients that specialise in Art