Websites for Accommodation

Websites for Accommodation

Within the United Kingdom, the accommodations industry is quite fluid and competitive. Not only must site owners be well aware of the online feedback they are receiving from review portals, but they have to be absolutely certain that their property and on-site amenities are adequately presented to the client. This is why bespoke website design solutions are so very critical. What packages do we bring to the table and why are our approaches considered to be some of the most innovative in the industry? These are important questions to answer.

Industry-Specific Techniques

The accommodations sector is quite different from other industries. Therefore, generic website design approaches hold little value in terms of client generation and the ultimate return on investment. Some of the factors which Delicious Webdesign takes into account are:

  • Your physical location
  • The type of customers being catered to
  • The use of industry-specific terms when creating customised content
  • Cross-linking to ancillary sites such as social media pages and blog posts
  • Videos, pictures and other graphics to highlight the benefits of your property

These are all very important, for conversions are much more likely to occur if the visitor is presented with the most relevant and current information.

Related SEO Terms for Increased Exposure

Search engine optimisation is playing an increasingly pivotal role within the accommodations industry. We should never forget that users will normally scroll no further than the first two search results pages before making a choice. For example, when someone enters a query such as “hotels in Manchester”, it pays to be within the first twenty listings. SEO-specific terms will increase the exposure of your business while helping to generate quality leads. Delicious Webdesign aims to address these three critical questions:

  • Is Google aware that your site exists?
  • Can your site be indexed within the search engine results page (SERP)?
  • Does your site contain useful content that is directly related to a user search?

By adopting only the most cutting-edge SEO strategies, you can be assured that your business will achieve the exposure that it demands.

User-Friendly Navigation

Ease of navigation is another area always addressed by our team of experts. Users are now extremely discriminating in terms of which sites they choose to interact with. In this case of booking accommodations, this is even more relevant. Visitors are likely to be on a limited time frame. Thus, your site needs to be streamlined and the most important information should be found within only a few clicks. Prices, the different types of rooms offered, availabilities and contact details are a few examples of what will be highlighted here. Also, let us never forget that such an intuitive design benefits those who are accessing your page through the use of a smartphone.

Modern Presentation Tools

Judging a book by its cover is inherently related to the appeal of any website. So, Delicious Webdesign will employ the latest techniques and coding to make certain that your portal is visually appealing. Colour schemes, videos, quick load times and an overall “clean” layout are a few areas which we pay careful attention to.

Benchmarking and Ongoing Analytic Solutions

Finally, we also endeavour to appreciate how your site is performing over time. This is essential to fine tune any details while it will also provide you with insight in regards to how your current marketing strategy is perceived by visitors. This proactive stance helps to guide your business in the right direction.

Delicious Webdesign will always view your specific needs as our top priority. This hands-on approach enables us to develop and implement the best strategies at the most appropriate times. Please take a look at the below examples to appreciate some of the unique approaches that have already benefited similar enterprises.

Here are a few examples of the Accommodation websites we were asked to design