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  1. Our website design / seo services

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    • Custom website design
    • Website redesign
    • Landing page design
    • Responsive design
    • E-commerce design
    • Conversion optimization
    • Drupal development
    • Ecommerce development
    • Custom development
    • Content management
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Web Hosting

    We use ModX, Mambo, Magento, Zencart, WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Drupal, OpenCart, Symfony.

    Each price is individual and depends on complexity of project we can also charge per hour. You can send the specification of
    your project by e-mail for price estimate

    Small project (1-5 sections)
    • News
    • Articles
    • Image gallery
    • Feedback form
    • Search
    • Slideshow
    • FAQ
    • Comments
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Google Analytics
    • Responsive design

    Information project (10-60 section)
    • Unlimited categories
    • Unlimited products
    • Multi-currency
    • Automatic image resizing
    • Related products
    • Import from xls

    • Shopping cart
    • Personal accounts
    • Product types (sales, discounts, top products)
    • Product attributes (color, size etc.)
    • Online payment
    • Delivery information

  2. Company Updates April 2014

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    This year my company is making a number of changes. This changes have come about because in 2013 we were given some business opportunities that we haven’t been able to implement until now. From now on you will receive regular news and updates on what is happening at my company. Opportunities and services never before offered will now be offered to you. Along with your website and hosting needs I will be introducing you to a numbers of products I bought and trained with in 2013.

    Some of my clients have already utilised them and found them to be very advantageous to their online businesses. But others haven’t had the opportunity yet, but will have soon.

    A couple of the products we will be releasing soon are:

    • Facebook page promotional Covers
    • WordPress Masterclass
    • SEO Training
    • 1 week SEO boost (instant results)
    • Scheduled Facebook Posting
    • WordPress Anti-Hacker Security Blocker
    • Responsive CMS standard design

    Nearly all of my clients have spoken to me about your sites and how best to promote and maintain them online. Well this year we will be offering that service to everyone. Soon all of my clients will be able to be guided by me on all things about their sites and how both of us can get what we want for your websites. From now on if you require one on one in home or office consultations, I will make myself available to you. Of course there will be a small fee, but my main reason for offering my consulting is my desire to help you get what you want from your site, by taking some of the “how do I?” out of the equation.

    There will be many more offers and product releases. For all my hosting clients, later this year I will be rolling out an interface, were you will be able to login and view your stats and figures on your site. You will also be able to find all sorts of helpful content in your interface.

    Live Help is also on it’s way. Very soon I will be adding a Live Help chat box on my main site. Whenever you need help with your site, you can catchup with me online, live one on one chat. I will let you know when it’s available.

    Lastly, I would like to say a heart-felt thank you for being a client of mine. Some have been with me from the beginning and some have only just become a part of my clan. I appreciate every call for help and every time someone tells me I have done good. It means a lot to me.

    Please let me know if there is anything at all I can help you with. Help with your website, help with Facebook, help with your WordPress site or even some advice on something you have found or been approached with. I am here for you in 2014.

    Cheers for now. I will be emailing you again shortly with more details about all the services and offers I will be making available to all my clients in 2014.

  3. Best Value Website Designers in Essex

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    Many people probably tell you, “We’ve got the best. We are the best. We deliver the best.” Am I right? Well, often times when they are asked to prove it, they fall short.
    I always say “I won’t believe it until I see it”…

    We specialise in providing:
    1.    High-end Website development
    2.    E-commerce applications
    3.    Custom application development
    6.    Content management system
    7.    SEO, Social Media, Brand Marketing, Reputation Management
    8.    And SO much more!

    We really don’t have to “sell” anyone on what we do. Our work speaks for itself. The best part about it is, it doesn’t matter where in the world the work is needed.
    We have dedicated Senior Developers working all day every day.

    Not many other high-end tech companies can say the same…
    Seeing as we do business for people all around the world (literally), it’s important that we have a dedicated team to cater to their schedules.

    What’s even BETTER (yes, it gets better), is our prices are unbeatable. Well, actually, I take that back. There are several others who charge what we charge…The only difference is in the quality deliverable..

    If we ever work together, you’ll quickly see what I mean by that.
    Our rates are very competitive for the highest quality seen on the market today (or so we’ve been told). We value your business and offer you the best value for money website / website promotion (SEO) you can get, take my word for that.

    On top of that, we work with several other reputable web development/SEO companies, providing them with WHITE LABEL services. The partnerships we have so far formed have been so successful and they have become our “regular clients”

  4. Essex Cleaning Website for sale

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    Website for sale

    If you are interested in purchasing this domain there are some things you need to do:

    1, Review full site and give list of requested text changes (in a clear / easy to follow numbered format)

    2, Give any new ‘categories’ and text related to that category

    3, Decide if you want to keep the logo or to send us a new one (recommend keeping existing one)

    4, If you want new photos / changes to Photos then look at the stock photos, you look through stock photo agencies and give us the photo references of the photos you want for your site.

    5 Supply any new testimonials you want to give us

    6 Give address / phone number for contact page (legally required)

    7 Decide if you want to have a facebook page / twitter account and give us the links if you want it on your website.
    Website Rental / Purchase Agreement

    2 months free rental of the website

    Followed by

    10 rental payments of £100 per month then a final payment of £1000, on receipt of the final £1000 then that will initiate the change of ownership to yourself.

    All current pages / blog posts and links remain in place on the website.

    You will be invoiced for all new photos requested and the work involved in putting them on the site (£30 per hour website maintenance payment)

    Once the website is owned by yourself you will be liable for the standard hosting fee on a yearly basis (currently £55 per year)
    Once the Agreement is agreed, Delicious Webdesign will:

    1 Provide email access details

    2 Provide News pages (Blog) access details

    3 Make changes to the website

    4 We can give you immediate access to the emails received from the website contact form (two were received in January and could possibly still need someone) There are 34 contact form / website enquries since May 2012

    Once the full £2000 is received after the first year (10 * £100 monthly payments and £1000 final payment the website ownership will be transferred to yourself

  5. Introducing us in 2013

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    We would like to take the opportunity to introduce our company. We are Delicious Webdesign, a web design company based in Stanford-le-Hope in Essex who create websites and online systems for companies and individuals throughout the UK and the rest of the world. We have plenty of experience working with people in small / medium sized companies (SMEs), and we would like to help you with your online presence.

    What do we Make?

    • Websites that you can edit by yourself at any time
    • Online Shops
    • Directory Websites
    • Ecommerce Mobile versions of your site
    • Promotion of websites to make them rank higher giving you more website visitors

    When you buy web design services, you usually do so through an agency. As always, having a middle man costs money. When using us for your digital services, you come straight to the developers, the people who are actually making your website. This dramatically diminishes the cost and makes the project a lot more manageable.

    Economic trends have changed, forcing many companies and individuals to outsource their work to the people in the actual trade, cutting out the middle man where appropriate.

    Delicious Webdesign work for agencies some of the time all across the country; agencies pay us part of your fee. Why not come direct to us for typically half the price?

    If you would like to find out a bit more about us, please read the rest of our website.  If you have a project or an idea for a website in mind, why not get in touch and I will get you a quotation back today.

  6. New Website Designer – Stephen

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    Delighted to welcome Stephen to our team, his introduction is below:

    Stephen is a PHP programmer with nine years’ experience in commercial web development, currently based in Basildon very  familiar with the local area having previously worked in Stanford-le-Hope, Corringham and Brentwood.

    He has worked as a sub-contractor for website design specialists, providing server-side coding/programming and database management for web projects of various scales, while leaving graphic design and branding to the experts!  As well as being highly skilled at writing bespoke code from scratch, he also has experience in WordPress, Magento, Drupal, OpenCart and Symfony. Stephen has an excellent knowledge of CSS, HTML and Javascript/JQuery/AJAX so can additionally provide front-end code for  designs and interfaces (including PSD to CSS/HTML conversion).

    If you are interested in allowing us to create a website for you and want one of our staff individually or specifically to complete your design and developemnt work, please let us know and we can provide more specific examples of their work and abilities.


  7. More reasons to choose Delicious Webdesign

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    There are many reasons to choose us over the competition, here are a few more:

    1. Our company understands how our business can contribute to the creation of customer value.
    2. We regularly collect information about our competitors and respond rapidly to their actions.
    3. We regularly collect information from our customers and use it to improve our products.
    4. All our business functions are integrated in order to serve the needs of our customers.
    5. We favour a strong emphasis on R&D, technological leadership, and innovation.
    6. When facing uncertainty, we adopt a proactive position to exploit potential opportunities.
    7. We are always the first in our sector to introduce new products, services or technologies.
    8. When dealing with competitors, we typically aim to gain an advantage over them.
    9. We use sophisticated technologies in our new product development process.
    10. Our new products are always state of the art in terms of the technology used.
    11. We rapidly integrate new technologies in our new product development process.
    12. We proactively develop new technologies and use them to generate new product ideas.
    13. We invest in technology development related to our products.
    14. We emphasise the development of new capabilities or technology related to our business.
    15. We believe the cost associated with employee learning is an investment and not an expense.
    16. An emphasis on constant innovation is part of our corporate culture.
    17. Our products are less environmentally harmful than those of our competitors.
    18. We always try to reduce the environmental impact of our products or services.
    19. We reduce the likelihood of environmental accidents through process improvements.
    20. We reduce the cost of inputs for the same level of outputs for our products.
    21. We always comply with government regulation to protect our company’s interests.
    22. We have created spin-off technologies that could be profitably applied to other areas of our business.
    23. We consider the interests of stakeholders in our investment decisions by creating a formal dialogue.
    24. We have improved employee health and safety.
    25. We have recognized and acted on the need to fund local community initiatives.
    26. In our market, customers’ preferences have changed quickly over time
    27. Market demand and customer tastes have been unpredictable in our market.
    28. The actions of customers and distributers can be highly unpredictable.
    29. It seems that new competitors enter our market all the time.
    30. Our competitors change their strategy constantly.
    31. It has been very difficult to forecast where technology will be in the next five years.
    32. Technology is changing rapidly.
    33. A large number of new products have been made possible through technological break through.
    34. During the last 5 years we have benefited from government support on trade advice.
    35. We have benefited from government’s enforcement of intellectual property rights.
    36. We have benefited from government support to help businesses to build relationships with universities and/or colleges, to develop and exploit new ideas.
    37. Relative to our competitors, the company is good at researching new competitors and new customers.
    38. Relative to our competitors, the company is good at developing new pricing strategies.

  8. Website Design Apprenticeships

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    Apprenticeships are a cost effective recruitment solution for our website design business and we are currently considering taking on an Apprentice. With youth unemployment rising, this is our chance to make a difference by utilising the Apprenticeship programme.

    As another Essex based small / medium sized business its possible that you are aware that the Government is heavily investing in this programme along with public backing from Sir Alan Sugar and television advertising to increase the awareness of these opportunities.

    What it all means
    Modern Apprenticeships are a WIN – WIN situation for both the apprentice and employers; both parties hugely benefit from this opportunity. The concept of this is that if you have an opportunity for an Apprentice, they would work with you for approximately 4 days per week within your organisation and attend one of our training centres for around a day a week or whenever a learner needs to attend a particular training session.

    Apprenticeships last, on average, up to one year and on completion you would have the opportunity to take on the apprentice as an employee, free of charge. This will enable you to have a thorough understanding of the apprentice rather than employing someone fresh without knowing their character and strengths. The only cost to your organisation is a minimum £2.60 per hour (approx. £100 per week depending on hours worked), paid directly to the individual, for the duration of their apprenticeship programme.

    Once we make the Apprentice placement agency aware of any vacancy that we have,  they will actively source the relevant candidates, interview them and screen them on their skills, experience then forward their CV’s to us for  consideration, thus keeping us in control of the complete process. The next stage involves booking interviews for us to meet the candidate.

    If they are successful, they will be placed with us on a wage of £2.60 per hour for the length of their apprenticeship. With regard to interviewing and thoroughly screening candidates, there are a number of staff with extensive recruitment industry experience. By utilising the Apprentice placement company’s skills, it will enable them to screen the candidates correctly and ensure they find the right person for the role.

    We are using an award winning training provider, they offer an innovative approach to both apprentices and employers where they will have completed their level two Apprenticeship programme in-house, attending on a daily basis with themselves having a greater understanding of their skills and experience that will be relevant for the client’s individual requirements.

    For the Employer
    You gain enthusiastic candidates, who are fully aware of the job role and have the right qualities that you are looking for
    Apprentices work between 30 and 40 hours per week, depending on their working hours
    There is no charge from us for the recruitment process as we are Government funded
    The cost to you is only £2.60 per hour which goes directly to the apprentice
    Plus you have the option to keep the apprentice on after they have completed their nationally recognised qualifications.

    For the Apprentice
    Apprentice gains essential work based experience and skills
    Nationally recognised qualifications
    A salary of approximately £100 per week, depending on working hours.

    Disciplines that we would like you to be familiar with:

    Business Administration – General business based, administrative skills
    IT Application Specialist – Roles where IT is a fundamental part of role, Microsoft Office, design packages.
    IT Professional – IT System Repairs, Maintenance, Networking, Cabling, Helpdesk support
    Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools – Teaching/Learning Assistants in educational environments

    Within our programmes, we have the unique ability to tailor-make packages around our client’s requirements thus enabling us to provide a personalised experience

  9. Delicious Webdesign Company Annual Meeting

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    Earlier in the year we proposed a morning of discussions with coffee / refreshments then lunch followed by the use of a heath club’s facilities (gym, steam, sauna, swimming pool, showers etc) then an afternoon chat and some drinks, the club proposed has wifi and suitable facilities for Delicious Webdesign team members to discuss the companies progress and opportunities for the future.

    The annual company meeting days are always beneficial and allow us all to meet and get to know each other and discuss Ideas, those attending will be the IT Director, Development team leaders, designers / developers, webcopy admin, graphic designer along with two of our technical specialises who mainly work on MySql / PHP and technical tasks. This forms the core of the team and between them they complete majority of the project planning / design / development work.

    Agenda for Delicious Webdesign Annual Company Meeting

    0830 – Meet in Reception
    0900 – Introductions, tell the team members about yourself (work history / experience)
    0930 – Company History / Progress / Future Plans
    1000 – Refreshments
    1030 – SEO
    1100 – Website Workshop (The design process / tools / trends)
    1200 – Website Project Proposal Documents
    1230 – Reasons why our clients choose Delicious Webdesign
    1300 – Lunch
    1400 – Gym / Sauna / Steam / Swim
    1600 – Drinks in Bar

  10. Payment for Website Designers Services

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    After paying an invoice the other day, on the day we received it, the company send us this nice message ‘Great, thanks James. Wish all my other clients paid so promptly!’ I told them I also wish that people paid promptly as it causes so many problems / hassles when cashflow becomes a problem. We then decided to draft the following warning ready for any client that breaks the terms of their website design / hosting / SEO contract with us. So to avoid receiving the email below, please pay on time, we are very flexible but there are limit to our generosity.


    According to our records the attached invoice/statement remains unpaid. We are not aware of any outstanding queries relating to this amount and therefore request that you make immediate arrangements to pay the full amount outstanding within 48 hours of this communication.

    Should we not receive your payment in cleared funds by this deadline, we will have no option but to exercise our right to suspend all services to you as per our standard terms and conditions. You will also be liable for interest on all late payments and the matter will be passed to a 3rd party collection agency. Please also be aware that this will result in you incurring further additional fees.

    If we provide you with an on-going service please note that during suspension you will continue to be liable for all service charges, and before normal service can recommence a reconnection fee will be charged. Please also note that suspension of services will take place without any further reference to you if payment is not received within the given deadline

    Please ensure our accounts department is made aware immediately a payment has been made to avoid any unnecessary interruption to your services:

    If the above is ignore, the following sample information will be sent once the website is taken down (this is always the last resort)

    Account Overview:

    Website – service suspended – as domain hosting and website design work have been left unpaid the website is now not your responsibility and we will use it as part of our portfolio.

    Email – service suspended – accounts have not been closed and as such all emails are still kept and on receipt of outstanding payment the email accounts will be re-released to you to view all recent communication.

    Sorry to say the website is now down / email accounts will be set as suspended shortly also Once payment received we will immediately re-instate all services and I hope that is a fair / reasonable way to go forward. If you look at how many times payment has been promised and then delayed / not come you will see that we have been patient up to now. On receipt of outstanding payments all services will be re-instated immediately.

    If no payment is received within the time period stated on the invoice then legal action will commence to reclaim all monies owed.


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